Say anything you want with wood home accents

So, wood’s been around as long as, well…as long as anything on the planet.

And it’s been an essential element of design for as long as “design” has been a concept. Our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents all probably utilized wood design in some way.

Few can contest the beauty of an expertly finished wood floor or deny the handsomeness of the original wood trim found in older homes.

But is that where it ends for wood? Is it only for floors and fans of old-fashioned or rustic design styles?

Absolutely not. In fact, we absolutely love reclaimed wood walls:

Photo by Bruce Johnson & Associates Interior Design – Discover contemporary bedroom design inspiration

But just by changing the wood species, arrangement and finish, look what else a wood wall can say:

Photo by S2 Architects – Browse modern nursery ideas

This slatted wood wall’s warm, modern feel is a far cry from the homespun coolness of the previous photo, proving wood has a lot more up its sleeve than many folks realize.

Luckily, professional designers are switched on to wood and are constantly mining its spectrum of expression to say all kinds of fascinating things, like this:

Photo by Betty Wasserman – Discover contemporary living room design ideas

Or this:

Photo by Webber + Studio, Architects – More Asian living room photos

As you can see, there is nothing run-of-the-mill about these looks. Now, try to envisage the previous two images without the wood. Can you imagine how much more uniform, chilly and, dare we say, dull these rooms would be?
So, we know wood looks fantastic on floors and walls—but what about ceilings?

contemporary-bedroom (1)
Photo by Cathy Schwabe Architecture – Discover contemporary bedroom design inspiration

This magnificent contemporary ceiling shows that cedar is meant for more than just grandma’s hope chest, and it pairs beautifully with the Brazilian cherry wood flooring.

Photo by Antique Building Materials, Inc. – Search traditional family room design ideas

Faded antique oak barn wood and faux-finished heart pine trusses lend this vaulted ceiling a lovely, graceful, nostalgic quality.

Photo by LEANARCH Inc. – Discover modern living room design inspiration

Of course, reclaimed wood isn’t just for rustic looks, as this modern space charmingly demonstrates, while also proving you don’t have to match ceiling to floor wood tones to achieve an ingenious effect.
Now let’s switch gears and talk about trim. Remember when we mentioned the timeless beauty of the original wood trim sometimes found in older homes? Yep, original or not, it’s always going to be a winning look:

Photo by Visbeen Architects – Look for traditional dining room pictures

But it doesn’t have to be traditional to work . . .

Photo by Ekman Design Studio – Discover rustic family room design ideas

From the zebrawood fireplace panels to the honey-stained built-in shelving, this eclectic sitting room oozes sophistication.

Photo by Streeter & Associates, Inc. – Look for modern entryway pictures

And this organic-modern shiplap cedar entryway puts this foyer’s cool quotient through the roof.
In light of the evidence presented, we believe it’s safe to say we’ve made our case: wood endures as an ageless, highly versatile, inherently beautiful element of design that translates superbly in virtually any design style.
And for those who adore wood and like it to be much more than an accent piece:

Photo by JayJeffers – More Scandinavian living room ideas

Whether you’re remodeling or just thinking of adding a few accent pieces, the best thing about designing with wood is the vast scope of choice it affords. If you have questions, from how to create breathtaking ceilings with simple wood flooring to what types of grains make for stunning wall panels to which stains will give you the look you’ve been longing for, Primera’s team of design professionals is ready and waiting for you to visit or call.

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