Mid-Century Modern: An Enduring Trend for Designers


As a culture, we are just a little obsessed with the style of décor known as “mid-century modern.” You’ll recognize this eclectic form by its nod to the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s.
These middle-of-the-20th-century design trends are still popping up everywhere, and have been for the last few years — in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms — every room in the house. As we head into summer, let’s take a look at some of these trends, that hardly seem fleeting, but rather enduring, much like the era they came from.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a home that lends itself to this minimalist, yet diverse style of décor, it’s easy to incorporate some throwback bar stools into your kitchen ensemble. The wood paneling is a nostalgic contrast to the clean, white cabinets and shiny, laminate countertops, so the space still feels airy and open. How about some very chic globe lighting over the periwinkle island to tie it all together?

This living room with a laid-back ‘60s vibe could have been part of the set on the TV series, Bewitched! Notice the velvet jewel-toned sectional, also a current design trend – crushed velvet and jewel tones. The geometric lines of the wood coffee table mimic the beams above to tie this room neatly together from floor to ceiling. Can’t you just picture men in tailored suits and women in flowy gowns lounging around with a cocktail in hand?

The focal point is on point in this mid-century modern dining room. The chairs take center stage around a sleek, black laminate table and the oversized hanging artwork makes perfect sense as the backdrop. This dining area was made for relaxing. Who would want to get up quickly from those cushy chairs, anyway? The honey-colored wood floor adds warmth to an otherwise minimalist space.

Take a step back in time to another ‘60s-inspired room: the bedroom. The muted earth tones and gray, soft carpeting give this room a refined, plush feeling. Overhead globe lighting replaces the anticipated ceiling fan for a more mod look, while backlit translucent closet doors provide even more ambiance.

Mid-century modern isn’t all about muted colors and soft textures, as you can see by this very colorful home office. The theme of this room is geometry, from the graphic zebra design rug to the funky geometric drapes. The bold, yet warm magenta wall color anchors the room and gives it a bright, cheery feeling without being overwhelming, especially since the large nature-inspired artwork is matted and framed in white. The half-circle orange chair connects to the orange in the drapes inviting you to sit and think while you take it all in.

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