Creative Homework Spaces to Inspire Kids of All Ages

School is back in session — and creating a comfortable, inspiring space for homework can make a difference in your children’s desire to do their assignments each night. These creative, fun, cozy spaces offer workspace for kids of all ages. They can even function as a thought-provoking homeschool space. Which one is your favorite?

The aspiring artist

A colorful workspace inspires creative minds to dream big! This art studio/homework station is great for elementary-aged children who have art projects, coloring assignments, and cut-and-paste activities to keep them busy. Pens, pencils, and paper are neatly organized and within reach of little fingertips. The pegboard lets them display their creations for the whole family to enjoy, too.


Colorful views and friendly faces

Another idea for your elementary-aged animal-lover is to create a fun space with a view to the world. Animals peek out from all angles, while the desk sits squarely in front of the window for a view to the outside world. Natural light abounds in this space, so even when your young one has to be inside working, she can still enjoy the sunshine. The contemporary desk provides an open, airy workspace and plenty of storage.


Homeschool space for all

This colorful work area is an excellent option for a dedicated homeschool room. Whether it’s the entire room or just one wall, there’s enough space for three to learn and work. Bright colors make it inviting, while still providing ample workspace for drawing projects or laptops. Notice the ceiling is painted like the inside of a circus tent, just for fun.
Nearby bookshelves and built-in desk storage allow you to keep textbooks organized and easy to reach. The hardwood floor makes it easy for chairs to roll without getting stuck on carpeting or a throw rug.

His and hers “home office” space

Create a space where both children can work in comfort in this bright, organized, multi-use home office. Plenty of storage space on both sides of the room complete with cabinets, shelving, desktops, and a cozy window seat, provide multiple work and reading areas for two or more. You might be amazed to see how productive your children can be when they’re in the same room together doing homework.


Technology-focused teens

It’s no secret that teenagers prefer their own hangout space, so if you have a basement or a bonus room, you can create that space for your high-school kids. This room doubles as a “hangout with a homework bar,” complete with charging stations for multiple laptops, tablets, and phones. Contemporary artwork and movable seating create a technology-forward room that’s great for working on after-school group projects. Neutral colors on the floors, walls, and ceiling give the room a causal, easygoing feel. With a study room like this, you may not see your teens until graduation.


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