April Design Trends: Appliance garages, industrial accents, and space-saving tricks


Make Space in Creative Ways

Even the smallest apartments can have a dedicated home office with the help of a dividing curtain. Make the most space out of that one-bedroom studio!


Create a Cozy, Functional Atmosphere

Do you have an old fireplace collecting dust? Installing a woodstove inside the vacant fireplace will warm up your entire house, make use of space, and create a cozy atmosphere.


Appliance Garage

Garages don’t have to just be for your car! Appliance garages keep those bulky—but necessary—kitchen accessories out of view but close by for easy access. Forget the eye-sore.


Industrial Accents

Photo by catlin stothers designMore modern bathroom ideas
Add textures like rope and bare metals to your otherwise fresh, chic bathroom for an interesting, industrial accent.

Cabinet Inserts

Cut down on clutter with cabinet inserts. In-drawer inserts can be made to custom fit any size, and keep your kitchen tidy.

Photos provided by Houzz.com

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