5 Common Plumbing Leaks

No matter if they’re big or small, plumbing leaks can cause water damage almost anywhere in your house. These can be quite destructive and nerve-racking, but you should also know that the majority of them are almost entirely preventable at the same time. Keep on reading to learn more about five common plumbing leaks and some of their main causes. Just get properly informed and protect your home like a true pro!

What causes a pipe to leak in the first place?

In order to learn how to identify and tackle the potential plumbing problem in the first place, you should familiarize with several different ways a pipe can start leaking. The first and the most common one is high water pressure, as the water zipping through your pipes at high speeds leads to damaging wear and tear on your pipes. Foundation shifts are also quite common, since small shifts that happen when your home’s foundation settles over time can result in big changes in your water lines. There are also extreme changes in temperature that can cause pipes to crack. Here’s a list of five plumbing problems that occur frequently in households worldwide, so check them out:

Problem #1: Leaking hot water heater

You’ve installed your hot water heater quite some time ago, but it somehow has started to leak recently? We’ve got your back! First of all, make sure to understand that water pooling around your heater doesn’t always indicate a leak – it can actually be the result of condensation. However, if it is a leak, it may be caused by several different problems, from a corroded water tank to loose valves.  Besides that, you should also determine if the water is dripping, spraying, or flooding, so that you can do the right thing to successfully fix your hot water heater.

Problem #2: Leaking water pipes

Leaking water pipes are undoubtedly one of the most destructive plumbing disasters that can happen simply because the pipes are embedded in your walls, which makes it quite difficult to check if they’re leaking or not. Even though it doesn’t happen frequently, this was actually a huge problem a couple months ago in Sydney since people had to wait for weeks until a problem with their leaking pipes was finally resolved. In order to prevent that, be sure to hire experts in waterproofing from Sydney and let them run leak detection diagnostics for you. The biggest indication of a leaking water pipe is a wet spot on your wall or ceiling, so call the professionals as soon as you notice unexplained water damage and prevent any further problems.


Problem #3: Leaking faucet

Even though it happens quite often in the households worldwide, it’s good to know that a leaking faucet usually doesn’t cause too much damage. Needless to say, this doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore it, as all plumbing leaks should be taken seriously. When it comes to your leaking faucet, you should know that the water will either drain down the sink or pool on the countertop. All you have to do is to take your trusty plumbing tools, shut off the water, remove faucet handles, inspect the faucet parts, clean the valves, and put the faucet back together. As simple as that!

Problem #4: Leaking tub/shower

The majority of tubs and showers are likely to leak because of a faulty seal, so take that into consideration if you notice that your bathroom floor is bound to get wet frequently. We must mention that a leaking tub produces a lot more water than your wet feet when you’re fresh out of a shower, so you should definitely look into a potential problem more closely. The water from a leaking tub or shower can cause mold growth both on your floor and even worse, in your subfloor, which is far less noticeable. In a worst-case scenario, a leaking tub can even require a full bathroom remodel, which is quite rare but it still happens.


Problem #5: Leaking toilet

Similarly to a leaking tub, a leaking toilet can also cause mold damage on your floor, subfloor, and the surrounding area. Of course, this goes for a toilet that leaks around the seal. On the other hand, there are also internal toilet leaks that cause water from the toilet tank to drain right into the sewer. You must know that this kind of a water leak doesn’t really make a mess – you’re most likely to identify that there’s a leaking problem once you see an unexpectedly high water bill.
As you can see, there are a lot of plumbing leaks that happen frequently in households all over the globe, and these five are certainly the most common of them. Even though these can be quite frustrating and nerve-racking, the truth is that each one of them can be successfully dealt with really quickly – except for leaking water pipes that are embedded in the walls of your home. No matter what happens, just make sure to stick to our tips and you’ll solve any plumbing problem in no time!
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