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    The Kimpton Hotel in downtown Phoenix, Arizona

    Twin Arrows Casino in Flagstaff, Arizona

    The Arizona Cardinals Training Facility in Tempe, Arizona

    The Chicago Cubs Training Facility in Mesa, Arizona

    Each design is unique to the establishment and its atmosphere. From flooring to stonework, the selected materials are always of brilliant quality and installed with meticulous care—within budget and on time.

    What Makes Primera Different

    As a whole, Primera has created a reputation for installing magnificent cabinetry, flooring, stone, tile, and countertops across five western states—with dedicated designers and installers and a renowned design center.

    Although the materials and seamless installation yield glowing reviews, it is the relationship with our clients that makes Primera truly, irrefutably different from any other commercial designers and installers.

    From the initial design to the final day of installation, Primera continually proves a dedication to service and delivery; in fact, the president and senior manager of Primera’s commercial division, Jim Miller, is always available and typically on site throughout the duration each project—something that, sadly, can’t be said about other commercial installers.

    Jim Miller: A Senior Manager Who Will Oversee Your Entire Project

    Primera is exceptionally fortunate to have Jim Miller as its senior manager and president of the commercial division. With years of experience in all aspects of commercial design, Jim offers much more than a beautifully completed interior; Jim is responsive, continually present, and deeply committed to each project. The relationships built between our clients are solid being founded on trust and satisfaction.

    President – Commercial Division Arizona/Nevada/Colorado

     1311 W. 21st Street Tempe, AZ 85282

     480-829-0054 Ext 600



    For more information regarding Primera’s commercial division, contact Jim Miller today.

    An Update Regarding Primera’s Design Center Services in Response to COVID-19