The Art of Displaying Wall Art

Wall art in the form of paintings, sculptures, and family portraits is home décor that allows you to express your personality, pay tribute, and add elements of pure joy to any room.

But, there’s truly an art to displaying wall art. You don’t want to simply locate a stud, hammer in a nail, hang a print, and call it a day. There’s a bit more planning that should go into how, where, and why you place each piece of art.

We’ve compiled some suggestions on how to select and hang photos, prints, images, and other objets d’art you can’t live without, so they’re displayed in a way that adds to the ambiance of your home.

Bold, warm, and proportionate.

Before you select art for any space, consider the size of the room or area you’re working with. In this case, an open hallway with a large wall at the end calls for a large piece of artwork.

This beautiful abstract painting adds warmth to the otherwise beige, monochromatic hallway. It’s an unexpected pop of color with soft lighting from above that adds an element of interest as you walk down the hall. The painting’s size and simple square shape is perfectly proportionate for the space.

Dramatic and whimsical steals the show.

Sometimes the best way to display art is to make a dramatic, fun statement. In this lovely blue media room, the black and white wall murals surround the space and steal the show. They’re the perfect complement to offset the large, upholstered sound panels. And they remind you that the true purpose of the room is to relax and thoroughly enjoy a movie experience.

Light, happy, musical living room.

Our first thought when we look at this wide-open, multi-use space is that the colorful wall art appears to be music notes floating from the piano. The circular shapes of the sculpture add dimension, color, and softness to the white, sparse room. Whenever there’s an object of color in an otherwise simple, monochromatic décor, the art draws your eye directly to it. Imagine sitting at the piano with the window and natural light on one side and the inspirational artwork in front of you. What a lovely view for a musical interlude!

An interesting mix of family favorites.

Most families have photos they want to display on the walls of their home. This is an example of a creative way to do just that. Notice how black and white portraits and candids are interspersed with pictures from different geographical locations, three-dimensional art, and a variety of shapes and sizes. This staircase grouping isn’t your typical display of cherished family portraits. Instead, it’s an interesting mix of family favorites that make you want to stop and take a closer look at each one on your way upstairs.

Organic forms take shape.

In a contemporary living room with plenty of rectangular shapes and clean lines—from the windows to the fireplace to the dining chairs and the coffee table—the artwork breaks the pattern. The organic floral-shaped art above the fireplace is an ideal way to add a focal point and break the linear organization of the space. The warm orange colors of the wall art reflect the featured color of the pillows and chairs and tie the room together nicely.

This room feels very easy and natural because of the warm wood floor and stone tiles around the fireplace. It makes sense that the wall art appears just as instinctive in this welcoming, open-concept living area.

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