Primera Is a Designer’s Best Friend

Primera helps Southwest designers with all the interior home materials they need for their projects.

Primera works with a wide range of clientele. Whether you are a designer, builder or home owner, we have tailored systems that we have molded throughout the years to create benefits for you. If you are trying to remodel your home, design home interiors for several clients or if you are building a community, Primera has answers and expertise to share with you.

Some of the builders we have established relationships with over the year include: Blandford Homes, Keystone Homes and Shea Homes. Builders, designers and homeowners all find Primera to be the perfect fit for their home interior needs. Right now, we are going to take a look at 5 of the benefits that designers will get when they work with Primera.

1. One-for-all-and-all-for-one: When you are a professional designer, it is normal to be juggling numerous balls in the air at one time. Through our experience with working with designers, Primera has learned that one of the best ways we can support our designers is by being a one-stop-shop for them. When designers work with Primera, they will be working with one company that can supply all of the granite countertops, hardwood flooring, cabinetry, tile and hardware that the interior of a home needs. When you work with Primera, Primera is all you need. If you are a designer, you know how great it is to work with one instead of four different interior design companies; it simplifies and streamlines the entire process.

2. No calculators needed: Primera builds their mock ups right into their products. We build all of the extra costs into the prices that designers view, including installation costs, so there is no figuring or calculating needed, which simplifies everything. Primera knows that it is important for a designer to know immediately what they are going to be paying for each item, so we do the math for you.

3. Large buying power: Primera is a down-to-earth and local company, but we have a long reach. Our size helps us buy in bulk which saves us money and that is a savings that we pass down to our designers. We are established and have solid relationships with many of the builders, contractors and different designers in town that come to us again and again for our large selection and extensive inventory.

4. You will find what you’re looking for: Primera works in Nevada, Colorado and Arizona; in order to cover and supply the range of styles and materials designed in these different regions, Primera offers a vast selection of products. Our lovely showroom near Phoenix, Arizona is a great place for designers to go to see our products in person, instead of picking things out in a glossy catalog. Primera is a one-stop-shop, but just because we have our hand in every pot doesn’t mean that our selection suffers. You are sure to find interior products that satisfy even the most unique and particular project.

5. Streamlined process: When designers work with other interior design contractors they are going to be able to help you pick out and deliver you the raw material. The problem is, as all designers know, raw material isn’t what most homeowners want in their houses. Primera will fabricate, cut to size, and install of the products that you buy from us. We have a simple and streamlined process that enables everything to be done smoothly with no headaches. As a designer you can be as hands on as you want or take your hands off the wheel and let us take care of it for you, knowing that you are being steered by experienced hands. We are licensed, bonded and insured so we can take care of and do it all for you.

Primera appreciate and enjoys working with our designers; that is why we have created such a simple and inviting process for them. You do not need an appointment in order to take a look around our showroom so feel free to come in any time, and you are welcomed to bring in your clients as well. So many of the designers we work with come back to us again and again for their on-going projects, so we are able to continually improve our systems and keep repeating the things we are doing right. Contact Primera today if you have any specific questions you would like to ask, or pop into our showroom and say hello.

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