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Primera operates its own hard surface fabrication facilities in Arizona and Nevada, offering the highest quality of workmanship and choice.

Whether you are putting new countertops in your kitchen or in your bathroom, they have a huge impact on the look and the feel of the room. Due to the fact that they are a lot harder to change than paint, the choice requires some planning, research and thought. There are many selections to choose from today, products range anywhere from glass to stone to recycled paper to concrete. Countertop pricing often increases with the material’s durability and cosmetic appeal, but the quality of economical countertops have continued to improve. After some study and consideration, you will know which countertop fits your style and taste. Some popular options in material are:

GRANITE is considered an indigenous rock and it is formed deep within the earth’s crust. The minerals that exist in granite slabs give this material a textured, crystalline appearance. Granite is naturally very durable, scratch resistant and heat resistant, which makes it a popular choice for countertops.

NATURAL STONE countertops are made from geological changes that occur within the earth’s crust over millions of years. Because this material is formed from nature, each natural stone slab is unique; no two pieces are identical. With such a wide variety of color, texture and veining characteristics, the options are virtually endless. Granite, marble, limestone, travertine, quartzite, sandstone and onyx are all grouped into the natural stone category.

ENGINEERED STONE is made up of millions of particles of crushed stone sealed together by a substance called polymer resin which is a clear liquid product that, when hardened, creates a thick, glossy coat that is both fade proof and water resistant. The integrity of the product isn’t compromised in the process, since all stone, natural or not, is created by the binding of millions of pieces of different substances. In fact, engineered stone is sometimes preferred over natural stone because it requires less maintenance. Engineered stone is becoming very popular in the interior design industry because it tends to be more consistent in appearance than natural stone, offering more control and more precise color choices.

SEMI PRECIOUS countertops are truly works of art and are entirely unique. Semi precious countertops are formed by using a mineral binder to join semi precious stone pieces, such as turquoise and jasper, into a smooth and gleaming slab. In addition to being one of the most exquisite looking surfaces on the market, semi precious countertops have terrific functionality. These surfaces are highly heat, stain, and scratch resistant and can be cleaned with any multi-purpose cleaner. Primera is proud to offer semi precious surfaces in our line of solid surface tops.

VETRAZZO countertops are brilliant, tough, and an excellent choice for the environmentally-friendly builder or homeowner. Made from over 85% post consumer and/or post industrial recycled glass, Vetrazzo countertops are both unique and highly functional, performing similarly to granite when it comes to strength, durability and maintenance. Because of the unique nature of Vetrazzo, no two pieces are exactly the same. We endeavor to reproduce panels of the same mix as close in color match as possible. Your Vetrazzo will likely exhibit variations in color, shade, glass size and glass particle distribution that are part of the inherent character and beauty of mixing recycled glass pieces.


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