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Choosing the best granite thickness: two centimeters vs. three

Looking for a new, fresh countertop?

Picking the right material, color, and design gives your kitchen or bathroom an instant facelift. When it comes to choosing the right thickness for those granite countertops, however? Not quite as exciting!

It is often not a priority decision but choosing the right slab thickness is vital as it affects every aspect of the installation and long-term reliability of your new counters. Let us explain how to pick the perfect thickness for your granite countertops—and why it’s so important.


The Basics

Traditionally, granite countertops are available in two options: two centimeters and three centimeters-thick.

And while a centimeter difference may not seem like much, everything from the installation, short-term price, long-term value, and overall strength are impacted by this one decision.

Here’s what you need to know:



We’ve all done it: leaned against the kitchen counter while reading a recipe or propped our child on the edge to tie his shoe.

Kitchens are the busiest rooms in our home, and our counters should be up to the challenge.

But the truth is, a two-centimeter granite slab can’t handle as much pressure (eek!) as its thicker counterpart. This is especially true around narrow cuts such as in front of a sink. While three-centimeter counters are strong enough to support their own weight when being installed, two-centimeter slabs have to be installed on top of plywood decking to boost its strength and resistance. When scrutinized the plywood is in fact visible from underneath the top. Your guests are unlikely to notice it but you will. Just reaching underneath your two-centimeter laminated top you will be able to feel the plywood support as opposed to polished stone.

Meanwhile, three-centimeter countertops can withstand an overhang of up to a foot, which makes for an ideal, casual eating area.



The more material you use, the higher the cost, right? Well, with granite countertops, this isn’t entirely true.

Sure, three-centimeter slabs are technically more expensive than two-centimeter slabs…if you’re only paying for the material alone; however, the installation is simpler, the fabrication costs remain the same, and handling requires a less strenuous attention—as two-centimeter slabs are more delicate.

So, what does this mean? At Primera, the cost of 3cm slabs are about the same as 2cm slabs.


Long-Term Value

Three-centimeter granite countertops are, ultimately, more valuable in the long-term. The material is stronger and has a sleeker aesthetic, as the profile can be fabricated with more detail.

That’s not to say two-centimeter slabs can’t be fabricated; in fact, they often are. But this is only made possible with the process of lamination, another point off the two-centimeter slab’s value.

Here’s why:


Two-Centimeter Slabs and Lamination

Laminate treatments are used frequently on two-centimeter granite countertops. This process involves applying a thin strip of the same material under the entire border of the countertop (think of it like a small, upside-down fence).

Lamination essentially makes the countertops look thicker, but the seam between the strip and the counter is noticeable—and the countertop is no stronger because of it.


Here’s the Deal

At Primera, we think it’s a bit silly to charge more for three-centimeter granite countertops when the installation, handling, and final result is easier, more efficient, and truly gorgeous.

We’ve seen a pattern:

Two-centimeter slabs tend to be more popular. But the slab requires the edge to be laminated, a labor-intensive process—not to mention the seam is visible. The three-centimeter slab, however, requires no lamination and can be completed faster.

Overall, three-centimeter granite countertops simply offer a much cleaner, more contemporary look while proving to be stronger and offer better value as they cost about the same.

So, are you ready for your new granite countertop? Reach out and we’ll give you the look you’ll love and the strength you need, within your budget and on time.

Contact Primera today.

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4 tips on kitchen countertops that make or break your kitchen in phoenix, arizona

primera  blog

One of the very first things you notice when you walk into a kitchen is the countertops.  If they are glossy and perfect you can’t help but drag your fingertips over the finish; imagining the dinner parties and delicious meals the room and countertops will inspire.  Kitchens hold great weight for contractors and designers because they are the number one room that can win or lose the heart of a buyer.

We understand the importance of kitchen design.  Kitchen countertops in phoenix are pivotal to the whole of a project; that is why Primera Interiors is the expert at staying on top of the latest trends and being in tune with what homebuyers, developers and designers want in Phoenix, Arizona.

Here are 4 tips on the latest trends in countertops in Phoenix

1.  The thing to remember when designing and choosing kitchen countertops is that consumers want one thing above all else: uniqueness.  The kitchen must be functional, but not give off the feel of a-dime-a-dozen, focus on choosing colors and material for kitchen countertops that are unique.

2.  What are some of the choices you can make to create unique kitchen countertops that are guaranteed to stand out? After buyers select the countertop, whether the material is: granite, marble, limestone, or quartz, they can then customize the edge detail’s style and thickness.  Another distinct feature is creating island tops that look more like furniture pieces with pop outs and/or radius’s.  Customizing tile backsplashes, whether simple or complex, is also an area where creativity and uniqueness can be displayed.

3.  Some of the popular trends in the Phoenix market right now are in the contemporary realm.  Primera Interiors is seeing more quartz countertops being installed than ever, as well as marble and limestone.  These materials are popular because they give a clean look to a kitchen and support this increasingly popular modern look.

4.  As far as color goes, lighter colors seem to be more popular with Arizona home buyers; especially the colors white and cream.

Interior design cannot emphasis enough the power of kitchens—they are the heart of the home.  That is one of the reasons why Primera Interiors in Phoenix offers such a selection of quality and beautiful kitchen countertops.  We also have our own fabrication shop so every stage of our countertop creation process is monitored with care and great attention to quality control.

Primera interiors truly is a one-stop-shop for homebuyers, contractors and designers.  Feel free to stop by one of our two beautiful design centers to see the countertops we offer in person.  While you are there you can also check out the cabinets, flooring options and window treatments that are displayed.  Primera Interiors is sure to have the countertops that will bring just the right level of spice and uniqueness to your kitchen design.


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