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Design trends: brightening up dark walls, glass backsplashes, and the wild world of wallpaper


Lighten Up

The Problem? Dark walls.

The Solution: Combine multiple light sources, add bright color accents, and resist over-furnishing. Voila! Less cave-y, more cozy.


Patterned Wallpaper


No need to buy elaborate furniture or replace lighting fixtures. Those small, simple sitting rooms can become bold and exciting with a little patterned wallpaper.


Glass Backsplashes

For a touch of glam, some extra light, or a feeling of extra space in the kitchen, consider a glass backsplash behind the range.


Embrace the Mismatched

Create a free flow feeling in your home with mismatched picture frames and staggered placement.


Taking Little Risks

Thinking about splurging on wallpaper, but scared to take the leap? The bathroom is the perfect place to make your wallpaper dreams come true. Less space to cover means it’s safer to take a bold risk—and less money to spend!

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Design trends: open storage, backsplashes, and the illusion of space


Make Board Games the Main Event!


It’s easy to forget about Monopoly or Bananagrams when they are tucked away in storage. Keeping your games out in the open will remind you to partake in the fun more often.


The Illusion of Space


Small living area? No problem! Lean a mirror against the wall for the illusion of more space.


Never-Ending Backsplashes!

Why limit yourself to a backsplash just above the sink or oven? Continuing your kitchen backsplash throughout the entire room is dramatic, chic, and stunning.




Studio apartment problems? Create an entry hall or divide up living spaces with low bookshelves.


Open Storage Space


Open storage space in the kitchen is both visually appealing and practical—keep your favorite appliances, utensils, and ingredients within arms’ reach at all times!

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Design trends: marble countertops, vibrant velvet, and barn doors


Bland-Be-Gone with Neutrals and Gold


Save white walls from looking flat. Adding neutral colors and gold accents keeps the eye interested in an otherwise boring room.


Marble Countertops

Matching marble countertops and backsplashes makes for a chic, fresh kitchen look.


Stand Out with Vibrant Velvet Furniture

This thick fabric material deeply absorbs colors, showcasing the full display of color.


Give a Nod to the ‘80s with a Bold Bathroom Design


Contrasting geometric shapes and a powerful color-stripe brings the best of the era to life.


Barn Doors

Most modern homes utilize an open floorplan. But if you’re looking for the option of seclusion, consider rustically-fabulous barn doors—beautiful left open or closed!

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Design trends: practical storage, glamorous bedrooms, and outdoor kitchen space


Glass Cabinets  

Conventional, closed-off cabinets can block views and light. Instead, consider adding cabinets with glass doors or panels on both sides to make the kitchen feel more open.


Top-to-Bottom Storage

Make the most of your storage space! Shelves and cabinets with top-to-bottom storage offer that extra organization you’ve been craving.


Glamorous Bedrooms

Want to add some glamor to your bedroom? Place a mirror on the wall above each nightstand. This is perfect for small spaces, creating greater depth in the room, and adding glitzy style to the bed wall.


Outdoor Kitchen Space

If you love the outdoors, building a small kitchen space around the grill makes it easier to prep meals on a porch. A sink makes for easy cleanup and cabinets offer storage for tools, dishes, spices and more.


Entertainment Rooms

Looking for some Friday night fun with the family? Cinema rooms are a modern way to get the everyone together for movies and games.


Photos provided by Houzz.com

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April design trends: appliance garages, industrial accents, and space-saving tricks


Make Space in Creative Ways

Even the smallest apartments can have a dedicated home office with the help of a dividing curtain. Make the most space out of that one-bedroom studio!


Create a Cozy, Functional Atmosphere

Do you have an old fireplace collecting dust? Installing a woodstove inside the vacant fireplace will warm up your entire house, make use of space, and create a cozy atmosphere.


Appliance Garage

Garages don’t have to just be for your car! Appliance garages keep those bulky—but necessary—kitchen accessories out of view but close by for easy access. Forget the eye-sore.


Industrial Accents

Photo by catlin stothers designMore modern bathroom ideas

Add textures like rope and bare metals to your otherwise fresh, chic bathroom for an interesting, industrial accent.


Cabinet Inserts

Cut down on clutter with cabinet inserts. In-drawer inserts can be made to custom fit any size, and keep your kitchen tidy.

Photos provided by Houzz.com

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February design trends: chevron, terrarium planters, picture rails, and more!




Make Cold Rooms Cozy

Distinctive Details


Need to add some warmth to a cold-looking room? A large, wool rug can add some much-needed softness—to your feet and eyes.


Chevron Patterns

Madison Heights Powder Bath

When it comes to tile designs, a chevron pattern can draw the eye up to make even the tiniest rooms seem more spacious.


Add Green Without the Watering Routine

Victorian Home


Terrarium planters let you decorate your home with succulents or air plants that require little to no maintenance.


Picture Rails

Condo Project

Hate hammering nails through your wall every time you want to redecorate? Picture rails let you display your favorite pictures and pieces of art without committing to that hole in the wall—reorganize the frames anytime.


A New Look for Your Old Dining Room Chairs

Distinctive Details


Adding slipcovers to your dining room chairs can create a whole new atmosphere.


Photos provided by Houzz.

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Design trends: creative drying racks, kitchen banquettes, and encaustic tile


Be Creative for a Less Cluttered Home

Baillie Scott Arts & Crafts House - The Cotswolds

High ceilings? Your kitchen can also double as a laundry space—just install a drying rack above the sink for a creative, less cluttered home.


Kitchen Banquettes

Putney, Loft Conversion


Casual or formal, the cozy appeal of a dining room or kitchen booth is irresistible either way!


Wood Accents

Minnehaha Modern - Minneapolis, MN


Wood adds warmth to any room. Oak shelves or post and beam ceilings keep it cozy—even with crisp modern designs.


Cook With a Sense of Calm

Upper East Side Apartment


Cool blues and whites in the kitchen give a relaxed, ocean aura.



Redel Home

Encaustic tile adds the perfect pattern pop to any bathroom.


Photos provided by Houzz.

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Design trends: bay windows, free-standing coat racks, and green everything!


Beautiful Bay Windows

Los Gatos kitchen


Make any space look bigger and brighter with a bay window.


Green with Envy

London Fields House

Evergreen has officially made its debut as the newest color trend. Using dark green tiles behind crisp white cabinets makes for a special glossy pop.


Less Is More!

Hemma hos Caroline Wass


Declutter your home for simplicity in your sanctuary.


Free-Standing Coat Racks

Underwater Safari


Making a resurgence in entry ways and by staircase, this movable option is great for houses with insufficient closet space—and those who hate using coat hangers.


Room Color Falling Flat?

Wilson Residence - Blowing Rock, NC


Green, patterned wall paper warms up even the coldest, gloomiest rooms.


Photos provided by Houzz.

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Wingback chairs, terazzo, evergreen, and more!


The Wingback Comeback

Scandinavian Design at designjunction - Fritz Hansen

Photo by designjunctionSearch Scandinavian living room pictures


The wingback armchair is back and soaring as a classic accent piece—reinvented.


Terazzo Marks the Spot!

Park St

Photo by Miris Windows & DoorsDiscover contemporary kitchen design ideas

This speckled, polished material design is taking flooring, walls, and more by storm.


Evergreen Everything

Teddy Edwards Brooklands

Photo by Teddy EdwardsSearch traditional kitchen design ideas


Color trend alert! Dark, evergreen is the newest color craze for all things interior.


Rusted Metals

Rusteel Decorative Rust Effect RST 8001

Photo by Armourcoat Surface FinishesLook for industrial home design design inspiration


Shiny metallics may be fading as a prominent design trend—but aged and rusted metals are making a resurgence.


Textured Tiles

St. James

Photo by Brooke Wagner DesignBrowse beach style home bar ideas

Keep an eye out for new 3D and geometric style designs for reinvented tile backsplashes.

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Geometric wall features, bright bathrooms, and subway tile backsplash


Funky Freedom!

Abbott Addition
Decking your living room with geometric wall features and rugs allows for more creative color use.


Bright Colors, Bold Bathroom!

19 Personalized Bathrooms That Aren
Don’t be afraid to make your bathroom spunky and full of character with vibrant color choices.


Feel at Home in Your Home Office

Pre-tween Girls room
Save space with a built-in desk and shelving for an organized office nook!


Back to Basics

River Road Small House
Wood-centric interiors make for a cozy, nature-inspired space.


Subway Tile Backsplash

11 Real Kitchen Renovations and How Much They Cost
This trending tile style brings metropolitan flair to the kitchen.
Photos provided by Houzz.
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