Primera Tile Flooring: Can’t-Miss Fashion for Floors

Know How to Rock Your Room’s Look with the Right Layout Patterns
Most of us have heard that the little black dress or ‘LBD’ is the one must-have item in any dress-wearing woman’s closet. It’s smart, chic, appropriate for almost any situation, can make a statement or simply act as an accent, comes in an array of styles and materials, fits any budget, and works in both warm and cool climates.

Tile flooring is the LBD of flooring options – you just can’t go wrong.

The Right Fit
Even the most charming dress will be a disaster without the right fit. Knowing something about which layouts work best in which spaces is just as important as tile type and/or color.

Life in the Vast Lane
When working with a large space, some choose to emphasize breadth with a simple straight lay or diagonal layout, using large, uniformly colored/patterned tile. The lines add to a look of expansiveness, while the tiles themselves serve as an elegant foil to furniture and decor.

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If you are lucky enough to have a large space to work with, you don’t need to feel limited to layouts that emphasize space. If you want your floors to make their own statement, you can really change things up with shapes, colors and tile size.

A modular layout uses 3 or more different tile sizes (different shades/tints of similar hue look great too) to create a stylishly complex, visually interesting design, like this Versailles pattern:

A pinwheel layout is attractive, distinctive yet simple, and can be dramatically altered by using different colors and tile sizes. Here’s a pre grout example:

Not only is the running bond (a.k.a. brick, offset) pattern great for mixing tiles of different hues, it is known to help hide flaws like uneven floors and crooked walls.

Stretching the Truth
Not surprisingly, the tricks that make a large space seem larger can do the same for smaller spaces. Once again, it’s all about tile size and lines. Large tiles can work well, but so can very small ones, which, like a starry sky, can create a look of infinitude.

Here’s a classic octagon and dot mosaic:

And an intricate windmill mosaic:

And, of course, vertical lines running parallel to the longer walls of a smaller space will cause visual ‘shrinkage’. Instead, stick with squares, diagonals, or lines that are horizontal to long walls. Here is an excellent example of the way diagonal lines draw the eye away from the center, creating a look of expansiveness:

Master of Disguise
So what happens if you’ve never been a big fan of traditional tile layouts and/or have always favored wood floors? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the natural look of wood without the worry of scratches or dings? Well, check this out:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at porcelain tile.

Not only does faux wood tile look gorgeous in a traditional layout, it also looks fantastic in bolder, trendy designs like this herringbone:

Whatever your style, tile flooring has you covered. At Primera, our flooring experts are waiting to help you with these or any of our many other layout options, so you can create a beautiful, unique, and durable floor that is the best possible compliment to your (or your client’s) home.

Contact Primera today – our expert design staff can help you choose the right tile layout for your next project.