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Design trends: fabulous trendy and timeless bathrooms


New design trends go in and out of style so quickly that we’re hardly finished with the last home improvement project when the next one hits.

Design trends are meant to inspire you; to introduce you to new patterns or techniques you might not have considered. Think of trends as jumping off points, rather than, “Oh great. My bathroom is outdated already!”

That being said, here’s a look at some trendy, and timeless, bathrooms that could be at the top of your favorites list for years to come. Choose a style and layout that fits your space, your lifestyle, and your décor. Then, check “create fabulous bathroom” off this year’s list.


Trend: Floor to ceiling tile. Timeless: Natural colors.

Floor to ceiling tile use to be all the rage many decades ago, but typically the tiles were pink or seafoam green. This updated approach in black and white has many benefits: it makes a smaller bathroom feel bigger, is easy to clean, and holds up to hot steam.

You could even take this one step further and tile the ceiling. This trend, executed with natural colors, has timeless appeal.





Trend: Freestanding tubs. Timeless: Fits with your décor.

Freestanding tubs typically conjure images of old clawfoot basins. For those who love retro, classic, or shabby chic styles, this works well.

If your décor preference is more on the contemporary side, you’ve probably passed on the vintage vessels. One of the latest bathroom trends is the freestanding tub, now available in sleeker, more modern designs. Notice the similarly shaped double sinks that make perfect sense.

Who says you can’t have the best of opposite worlds right in your own bathroom?



Trend: Floating vanities. Timeless: Tidy storage and clean lines.

This design trend lets you float more than toy boats in the bathtub. Floating vanities are becoming more popular, as they provide ample, out-of-sight storage while giving your bathroom an upscale, airy feel.

Does the bathroom feel bigger just because you can see under the cabinets? Maybe!

The floating vanity may be a fleeting trend, but clean lines and open spaces never go out of style.




Trend: Black fixtures. Timeless: Simple and stylish.

Black fixtures can quite possibly fit with every décor. Select them for your farmhouse style in a classic gooseneck shape. Or, choose smooth contours to match your more contemporary or earthy architecture.

In this shower, the understated, simple black matte fixtures complement the colors and textures of the natural stone and wood elements. Shiny chrome fixtures would totally interrupt the calm, relaxing feeling here.




Trend: Open shower space. Timeless: In the right bathroom.

Open, or integrated showers are another bathroom trend for 2018. This can work well if you’ve already taken the floor-to-ceiling tile approach, and you have the space.

Like the floating vanity, the open shower gives the bathroom an airy, spacious feel. Just beware of splashing water out onto rugs or any clothes you left in a pile on the floor. Still, we like it, even if it is a bit less practical.


Interested in beginning a bathroom makeover but not sure where to start?

We hope we’ve inspired you, and want you to know we’re here to partner with you from design to installation to bring your vision to life! Give us a call or schedule an appointment online, today. And, remember to check out our new flagship, award-winning design center in Tempe, Arizona.

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Design trends: bookcases beyond the box


Curve Appeal


Square bookcases are so last-season, but organization is always in style. Start the new year off on the right shelf with a little creative organization for all your books and new “stuff” you acquired over the holidays. This large metal bookshelf is not only great for organizing good reads, it doubles as wall art – and appears to defy gravity.


Space Savvy


A shelf in the kitchen right where you need it keeps cookbooks handy within arm’s reach. It’s also an organized way to display small keepsakes while keeping your countertops free of clutter. Connect a series of floating shelves in a custom arrangement that fits perfectly on a wall, big or small, with an artistic flair to boot.


Acute Angles


Don’t be a square! Think outside the bookcase. Store your books straight up on these traditional bookshelves with custom angles. Built-ins always add value and personality to your home and can transform an average room into a favorite space.


Staircase Ingenuity


Sometimes a staircase is just a staircase, except when it doubles as a creative storage space with a desk and a built-in dog bed! Multifunctional is the operative word here and a great way to maximize a small living area. The best part is when you’re entertaining guests, all the doors and drawers shut tight to hide away papers. What messy desk?


Geometry Lesson


Contemporary spaces call for geometric patterns and lines. Create your own set of honeycomb bookcases to hold so much more than geometry textbooks. Honeycomb structures are architecturally sound and aesthetically pleasing for a great combination of function and design. Ask any bee.

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What’s up? creative ceiling ideas for every décor


Vintage Feel

Color and texture on the ceiling adds an element of surprise in any décor. Tin ceilings originated in the 1880s as an affordable way to dress up a “fifth wall.” Today, affordable faux tin ceilings come in a wide array of textures, patterns, and colors. This contemporary kitchen has a warmer, vintage feel as a result.


Midcentury Modern


Cork—it’s not just for wine bottles and bulletin boards. This family room ceiling covered in cork and wood strips for added texture, gives the room a warm, eclectic vibe. The colorful furniture is a cool balance. Note: cork on the ceiling makes it super easy to hang temporary ornaments or lights for a party.


Flowing Fabric

Oh, baby! Who says lush folds of fabric are just for drapery? Create an ethereal, bohemian space by hanging fabric from the ceiling all the way down the wall to soften any décor. Who wouldn’t want to nap in this serene space?


Rustic Reclaimed

Tin roof, rusted. Usually found on the outside of a home, corrugated tin on the inside of your house is a bold move. Reclaimed tin panels come pre-rusted and well-aged, and are the perfect complement to a classic, bucolic country house. They also function to make a high ceiling feel cozier.


Upward Elegance


The perfect balance of light and dark comes to this elegant sitting room with a show-stopping ceiling. White overhead is traditional, but the custom plaster relief design is totally unexpected. Dark wood floors along with a dark grey wall color provide warmth and sophistication while the ceiling makes it feel bright and open.

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Holiday party planning – how to stress less this year

Holiday Planning

Photo By: Pixabay

Perhaps you are a little nervous about hosting your first holiday party this year. Or maybe you are working yourself into a tizzy because you feel like you have to top Aunt Susan’s holiday bash from last year. While the holidays are meant to be spent with friends and family and reflect on the year, it can be hard to do that when your mind is focused on food, place settings, people-pleasing, and unrealistic expectations. Take a step back, breathe in deeply, and check out these tips for a stress-free holiday party.


Start Early

The day of the party should be for small, finishing touches, so start planning and preparing early so you don’t find yourself completing tasks at the last minute. All that rushing around is stressful, and it sets the stage for a stressful holiday party. If you start the day cool, calm, and collected, you will be more apt to sanely handle whatever may crop up rather than having an outburst people will be talking about for years to come. Start by creating a check-list of everything you need to do, and have a family member or friend look it over to see if there is anything you might have missed. While it is tempting to be the hero and do everything yourself, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to others to take some of the pressure off. Turn to other helpful sources such as Pinterest for easy recipes and decorating ideas that pack a punch with minimal effort, but be mindful of guests with certain diet restrictions.


Think Logistically

One of the big pieces of planning a successful holiday party is making sure you have the right numbers. Nothing is more awkward than not having enough place settings, so triple-check your head count and ensure everyone will have the essentials including plates, utensils, wine glasses, coffee cups, etc. Have a few extra sets on hand in case there is an unexpected guest such as a friend or significant other. When you are planning where everyone will sit, don’t feel like you have to cram everyone at the main table. Consider having a separate table for the young adults and children. Not only will the table be less crowded, but the conversation will flow more easily since everyone won’t be shouting over each other to be heard. Remember, the extra seating doesn’t have to be fancy. A card table and folding chairs can be easily dressed up with a nice tablecloth and chair covers, or given a paint job for a completely new look.


Take Care of Yourself

With the focus on throwing the ultimate holiday party, it is easy to forget about your own needs, but you need to take care of yourself in order to be a good host. It might be tempting to stay up late into the night cooking, or skip a meal to perfect your DIY cornucopia, but nothing will dampen a party sooner than dark eye circles and a cranky attitude. In addition, this time of year is prime time for illnesses such as colds and the flu, so taking the time to give your body the rest and nutrition it needs is the key to a strong immune system. If in the midst of all the party prep you find yourself feeling stressed, take some time to step back and engage in a little self-care such as yoga, meditation, journaling, or simply giving yourself a pep talk in the mirror. You can even use some of these suggestions during the party. Perhaps you could step away to a quiet room for a minute to collect your thoughts, or go on a walk after the meal with a few party guests to clear your head and make room for dessert.


There are sure to be a few stressful moments that pop up during your holiday party planning. However, by preparing in advance, crunching some numbers, and tending to your own needs, you can stress a little less this holiday season.

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Feeling fall: 10 seasonal ideas for the 2017 fall season

Something about fall sets us dreaming about cozy nooks and charismatic spaces filled with rich textures and bold accent pieces. This season is all about swapping the wispy décor of summer for surroundings with a little more substance. And boy, does it make for a striking statement. Here are 10 seasonal home design trends worth falling for.

1.    Everything Old Is New Again

Vintage accessories add character, especially if you’re on a budget. Scope out flea markets and yard sales for one-of-a-kind gems.


2.    Go with the Faux


Who says home design can’t be fashionable and frugal? Faux finishes are a great way to incorporate fall trends without breaking your home improvement budget.


3.    Opposites Attract Attention


And you thought blending was just for smoothies. Unleash your creativity and mix and match furniture, patterns, prints and textures throughout the room.


4.    Neutral: No Longer a Wallflower

The shades may be the same, but the personality is decidedly different. Neutral tones are showing their true colors with unexpected shape and texture.


5.    Brass from the Past


Brass is back and showing its mettle (see what we did there?) in surprising ways this season. Think furniture trim, light fixtures and unique accent pieces.


6.    Welcome Matte


Matte finish appliances and accessories are making a name for themselves this fall—especially in the kitchen, where stainless is steel is so last season.


7.    Museum-Worthy Walls


Turn a broad expanse of bare space into an art gallery wall by arranging framed photos, shadow boxes and wall hangings in a museum-style display.


8.    Touch and Go


This season it’s all about texture. From three-dimensional backsplashes and woven textiles to rich faux fur and chunky knit pillows, be sure to tie in all things tangible.


9.    Breathing Room

Nowadays we all need a soothing space to unplug and unwind. Create a cozy reading nook or bedroom hideaway with soft colors, comfy blankets and plenty of pillows.


10. Bring the Inside Out

Why should cooler temperatures keep us indoors? Create a fall-friendly outdoor retreat with plush patio furniture, soft lighting, warm rugs and a crackling fire pit.


Need More Inspiration? Talk to Us

The best thing about these fall design trends is there’s something for everyone, whether you’re up for a full-on renovation or simply looking to update your home with a few seasonal accents. Our team of design professionals is ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to get started.



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October design trends: home office edition


Shelving, Shelving, Everywhere


Home offices are becoming increasingly more of a necessity for anyone working from “la casa.” Maximize and organize that space by putting an office wherever it fits. Shelving above and cabinets below a built-in desk keep the workspace tidy.


Let There Be Light!


Creating an office around a window is a great way to bring natural light into your workspace – and maybe even a spectacular view. Built-in bookshelves keep office supplies neat and close by. A soft chaise offers a comfy place to read or take a break.


Natural Wood


To create a cozier ambiance and add personality to your home office, use natural wood on the floor and exposed real or faux brick to accent the walls. The window seat cushion in red adds warmth while providing an inviting place to relax.


Under-the-Staircase Desk


When work comes home with you, a late night at your under-the-staircase desk may be just the occasional workspace you need. While everyone else is upstairs asleep, this hallway approach to an office is quiet and close to the kitchen for wee-hour caffeine cravings.


Clipboards Are the New Bulletin Boards


Ideas become inspirations when you display them visually above your desk. Clear clipboards hung neatly in rows against a dark wall color make your ideas stand out with a more organized and chic appearance than traditional bulletin boards.

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Design trends: brightening up dark walls, glass backsplashes, and the wild world of wallpaper


Lighten Up

The Problem? Dark walls.

The Solution: Combine multiple light sources, add bright color accents, and resist over-furnishing. Voila! Less cave-y, more cozy.


Patterned Wallpaper


No need to buy elaborate furniture or replace lighting fixtures. Those small, simple sitting rooms can become bold and exciting with a little patterned wallpaper.


Glass Backsplashes

For a touch of glam, some extra light, or a feeling of extra space in the kitchen, consider a glass backsplash behind the range.


Embrace the Mismatched

Create a free flow feeling in your home with mismatched picture frames and staggered placement.


Taking Little Risks

Thinking about splurging on wallpaper, but scared to take the leap? The bathroom is the perfect place to make your wallpaper dreams come true. Less space to cover means it’s safer to take a bold risk—and less money to spend!

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Design trends: pot fillers, swinging daybeds, and the latest and greatest in paint color

Pot Fillers


There’s something cumbersome about filling a bulky pot with water in the kitchen sink. But now you don’t have to! Pot fillers are brilliant little faucets installed right above your stovetop for easy fill-ups—and they make pasta night extra convenient.


All-Natural Kitchens


White kitchens are wonderful—but warm wood and soothing stone makes for a naturally rustic kitchen.


Create a Tropical Escape in Your Own Bathroom!


Lounge under the palm trees while you soak in the warm water—of your bathtub, that is. Surround your tub with green plants and tropical-themed wallpaper for a relaxing escape every day.


Swinging Daybeds


Swings and summertime…is there anything better? Instead of the run-of-the-mill porch swing, swinging daybeds offer ultimate summer relaxation. Warning: these comfy swings may result in long naps in the sun.


The Newest Color Trend 


Buttermilk is the flavor of the week in the world of colors. This hue is more inviting than white but softer than a pastel yellow. Perfect for the kitchen—or almost any other room in the home when paired with wooden trims and accents.

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Design trends: open storage, backsplashes, and the illusion of space


Make Board Games the Main Event!


It’s easy to forget about Monopoly or Bananagrams when they are tucked away in storage. Keeping your games out in the open will remind you to partake in the fun more often.


The Illusion of Space


Small living area? No problem! Lean a mirror against the wall for the illusion of more space.


Never-Ending Backsplashes!

Why limit yourself to a backsplash just above the sink or oven? Continuing your kitchen backsplash throughout the entire room is dramatic, chic, and stunning.




Studio apartment problems? Create an entry hall or divide up living spaces with low bookshelves.


Open Storage Space


Open storage space in the kitchen is both visually appealing and practical—keep your favorite appliances, utensils, and ingredients within arms’ reach at all times!

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Design trends: marble countertops, vibrant velvet, and barn doors


Bland-Be-Gone with Neutrals and Gold


Save white walls from looking flat. Adding neutral colors and gold accents keeps the eye interested in an otherwise boring room.


Marble Countertops

Matching marble countertops and backsplashes makes for a chic, fresh kitchen look.


Stand Out with Vibrant Velvet Furniture

This thick fabric material deeply absorbs colors, showcasing the full display of color.


Give a Nod to the ‘80s with a Bold Bathroom Design


Contrasting geometric shapes and a powerful color-stripe brings the best of the era to life.


Barn Doors

Most modern homes utilize an open floorplan. But if you’re looking for the option of seclusion, consider rustically-fabulous barn doors—beautiful left open or closed!

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