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The dos and don’ts of caring for your wood cabinets

Everyday use can take a toll on your wood cabinets—no matter what room they happen to be in. The good news is that all it takes is a little TLC to maintain their beauty and integrity over time. Here are some quick dos and don’ts to keep them looking like new:


DO tackle spills quickly. Spills and stains will happen, and when they do, it is important to wipe them away as quickly as possible to avoid lasting damage.


DO use the right cloth. To preserve the beauty of your wood cabinets, gently wipe away spills with a soft, damp (not wet) cloth followed by a dry, lint-free cloth.


DO treat tough stains with TLC. Sometimes stains can be stubborn. Don’t panic! Gently rub the area with a soft, damp cloth and a solution of mild detergent (liquid soap) and warm water. Afterward, dry thoroughly with a lint-free cloth.


DO keep surfaces clean and dry. A splatter of sauce in the kitchen or a wet towel left hanging in the bathroom can easily damage your wood surfaces. Be careful to keep them as clean and dry as possible.


DO treat stains, nicks and scratches quickly. If the surface of your wood cabinet has been compromised, lightly scuff the area with fine sandpaper before applying a thin coat of touch-up lacquer to restore the protective top coating. If any of the color has been removed, a touch-up stain should be applied before the top coating.


DON’T use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads. These can dull or scratch the finish of your wood cabinets.



DON’T use paste waxes, household polishes or solvent-based cleaners. These products will leave a residue, which can build up over time and alter the original luster and sheen of the wood finish.


DON’T use harsh chemicals. Never allow cabinet surfaces to be in prolonged contact with strong acids or alkalis, as these can do lasting damage to the wood.

DON’T let water sit. Wood cabinets are found most often in kitchens and bathrooms—places where there’s no shortage of water. The longer it soaks in, the more damage it can do, so remember to wipe up spills and splashes immediately.

Wood design elements add natural beauty and appeal to your home. Like any high-quality surface, your wood cabinets deserve to be treated with extra care to keep them looking beautiful for years to come. Now that you know all about caring for your wood cabinets call or stop by today and let our team of design professionals help you create your perfect living space. Whether you need help choosing the right type of wood or you’re ready to install, Primera is your one-stop shop for stunning wood cabinets.

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Design trends: open storage, backsplashes, and the illusion of space


Make Board Games the Main Event!


It’s easy to forget about Monopoly or Bananagrams when they are tucked away in storage. Keeping your games out in the open will remind you to partake in the fun more often.


The Illusion of Space


Small living area? No problem! Lean a mirror against the wall for the illusion of more space.


Never-Ending Backsplashes!

Why limit yourself to a backsplash just above the sink or oven? Continuing your kitchen backsplash throughout the entire room is dramatic, chic, and stunning.




Studio apartment problems? Create an entry hall or divide up living spaces with low bookshelves.


Open Storage Space


Open storage space in the kitchen is both visually appealing and practical—keep your favorite appliances, utensils, and ingredients within arms’ reach at all times!

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Design trends: practical storage, glamorous bedrooms, and outdoor kitchen space


Glass Cabinets  

Conventional, closed-off cabinets can block views and light. Instead, consider adding cabinets with glass doors or panels on both sides to make the kitchen feel more open.


Top-to-Bottom Storage

Make the most of your storage space! Shelves and cabinets with top-to-bottom storage offer that extra organization you’ve been craving.


Glamorous Bedrooms

Want to add some glamor to your bedroom? Place a mirror on the wall above each nightstand. This is perfect for small spaces, creating greater depth in the room, and adding glitzy style to the bed wall.


Outdoor Kitchen Space

If you love the outdoors, building a small kitchen space around the grill makes it easier to prep meals on a porch. A sink makes for easy cleanup and cabinets offer storage for tools, dishes, spices and more.


Entertainment Rooms

Looking for some Friday night fun with the family? Cinema rooms are a modern way to get the everyone together for movies and games.


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How to choose the best cabinets for your kitchen


KraftMaid Square Raised Panel – Veneer Maple Canvas

When you’re looking to improve your house, whether you want to sell or make your abode more comfortable for many years to come, the first thing you probably thought about was improving and updating your kitchen. From gathering around the table for dinner and late night chats, to card games and homework and elaborate dinner parties, kitchens are the command center for most homes, providing physical and emotional nourishment for the people who enter.

As a result, homeowners have many options when it comes to appliance upgrades, floors, lighting, and paint choices. Before making any of those decisions, though, you should make a decision about your cabinets. The appearance and style you choose can set the entire tone of the room, and will direct every other design decision.


Choosing Your Cabinets: Factors to Consider


Executive Cabinetry as featured in Su Casa Magazine Spring 2016

Executive Cabinetry as featured in Su Casa Magazine Spring 2016

1. Your Budget

It’s important to decide upfront how much you are willing to spend on your cabinets. Looking for a full-service provider that does everything from design and selection to installation, as well as individual custom pieces, can help the DIY homeowner find the best options for their kitchen.

2. Your Needs

Start thinking about how you’ll use the cabinets. There are many new options to choose from, including drawers that can roll up or pull down, built-in cutting boards, storage options, and functional additions that will help you make the most of your cabinets.

3. Your Taste

Cabinet doors can be some of the costliest investments, with several different factors playing into the overall appearance, including:

  • Overlay: Full overlay doors are a modern-looking choice that requires hardware, and can give you a little more storage space, while covering the entire face frame of the cabinet. Partial overlay has been the standard for many years, and is a cost-effective option. Inset doors can be the trickiest to install and maintain, but have become popular choices.
  • Panels: A raised or sunken panel can change the appearance of the kitchen, as well as a flushed or beaded panel.
  • Style: Do you want a more modern, sleek kitchen? Or a traditional or country kitchen? The cabinets you choose can play into that appearance.
  • Drawers vs. doors: Your base cabinets can feature a mix of cabinets with doors and shelves or drawers that offer larger storage areas.

4. Your Finishes

Once you’ve made a decision on the style of cabinet you’re looking to install, you can look at small details that will help to personalize and give you truly one-of-a-kind cabinets; consider:

  • Stains: Stain colors can look very different based on the type of wood chosen for the cabinets, with the natural color of the wood adding underlying tones of red or yellow, absorbing the stain at different rates, and giving a different appearance to your kitchen.
  • Hardware: From the hinges to the handles, you have thousands of choices when it comes to personalizing your cabinets. From sleek chrome to ornamental copper, modern pewter or understated nickel, the pieces you choose show off your personality and taste.
  • Moldings: When you want to finish your kitchen, look at the molding choice that ties your cabinet design to the rest of the kitchen. There are many different providers who make custom moldings, from traditional and braided to highly decorative or smooth and sleek.


Our Favorites


KraftMaid Cherry Kitchen in Praline

KraftMaid Cherry Kitchen in Praline

We love the design features from cabinet makers like KraftMaid, Merillat, QualityCabinets, Echelon, Executive Cabinetry and RSI.

The Addison Slab from Echelon’s Prestige Collection provides a modern door in a variety of colors. The rich brown, or black Belleview, would be a gorgeous addition to your trendy kitchen. The company follows a 17-step finishing process to give customers the best quality possible. Similarly, Ohio-based KraftMaid’s suede topcoat finish takes the same resistance available in their other cabinet door finishes and softens the sheen. It’s the perfect finish for a distressed cabinet style.

Merillat’s easy-to-finish cabinets are enhanced by their expansive collection of knobs, from antique and vintage styles to mixed-medium knobs and pulls that shine in modern kitchens. Alternatively, for more than 50 years, Middletons Mouldings has been using cherry, hickory, aspen, poplar, maple and oak to create custom moldings that match your cabinetry.


RSI Professional Cabinet Solutions: Newport in Alabaster Glaze

RSI Professional Cabinet Solutions: Newport in Alabaster Glaze


At Primera, we work with a variety of different manufacturers to give you the kitchen of your dreams—from the first meeting, where you can sit down with a designer to sketch out and visualize the final appearance of your choices, to the professional, experienced installers who ensure precise, timely project completion. Primera operates in five different states with more than 40 years of experience. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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Design trends: formal dining rooms, fireplaces and flame stitch

Formal Dining Rooms

Many homeowners are yearning for a central space to gather over delicious food and drinks: the formal dining room is making a comeback!


Mismatched Cabinets

This year, consider taking a risk with your kitchen cabinets. Mismatching colors and styles can result in beautifully unique kitchens.



Move over, big screen TVs! Fireplaces are now becoming the focal point of living rooms.


Statement Lighting

Use bold and unique lighting to add a little “wow” to an otherwise subtle room.


Flame Stitch

Popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s, flame stitch may be making a comeback. The hypnotizing, zigzagged patterns make textile pieces pop and are contributing to the trendy mosaic tile movement.

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Design trends: glass cabinets (with accent lighting), organized entryways and holiday gold and reds

Show and Tell

Glass cabinets are this year’s big trend, with plenty of choices like frosted, seeded, reeded, mullion, arched and stained glass. Use accent lighting to showcase decorative contents inside or to create ambiance.

Glass Cabinets

Cabinets Aren’t Just for the Kitchen

Create a sense of calm with a fashionably organized entryway. No more clutter by the door!  

Organized Entryways

Gold Accents Make Any Holiday Table Shine

Sprinkling gold accents, such as gold-lined plates and candles, will light up any dinner table this holiday season.

Gold Accents

Hold On to Those Holiday Reds

Next year’s trends include shades of red, as well as pinks and peach. So you can keep those festive reds around the house even after the tree is gone.


A Look Ahead: Glam Materials for 2016

Ring in the new year with copper and brass accents in any room.

Glam Materials

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Design trends: functional storage, seamless kitchens and the neutral palette

Soaking in Style

If you have the room, a free-standing bathtub is a beautiful sculptural piece that adds class and function to any bathroom.


The Invisible Fridge

Today’s kitchens can have a clean, seamless look thanks to the integrated fridge, which blends right into existing cabinetry.

A Bright Neutral Palette

Using this year’s biggest neutral − grey − is easy in rooms that receive plenty of natural lighting. Just a few hints of white and blue allows for a natural-looking combination that works every time.


Storage in Unlikely Places

It’s true that kitchens today are getting bigger, but they’re also getting more functional. Storage space built into every nook and cranny allows for a beautiful, and organized, entertaining space.


Go Frameless

Frameless cabinets with no hardware and clean lines give an ultra modern look that’s still popular.


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Simple steps to kitchen staging and design


 Selling your home? Great, get ready to stage your kitchen. When it comes to staging to see there are a few things to consider. Decluttering, reorganizing and cleaning are a great start but what other steps are essential when you want to put your home on the market?

Tidy and Reorganize

Look around at your kitchen. Is there something that you always wanted to change but never got around to?? Are there appliances or furniture that always get in the way? Unnecessary items that makes your kitchen look cramped for space? Well, whatever it is, it is time for a change. Take the time to tidy and reorganize your kitchen. This means consolidating- leave as few items in sight as possible. Let your kitchen breathe. Get rid of the stuff you don’t need and dump the rest in the cabinets. Clear off your countertops to create the feeling of a larger kitchen. Remember, when it comes to home staging- less is more.

Remove Extra Items

Leave the essentials in an easy to reach place; keep the rest in drawers . It is crucial to get rid of anything unnecessary in order to open up more space and to make the kitchen look larger. This includes removing as many furnishings as possible. Excess furniture and fittings only get in the way; not to mention, they can make a room appear smaller. If you want to make your kitchen more inviting, create the perception of more space. So get rid of trolleys, free standing islands and any other large pieces you can go without. Also, no extra chairs. If goal is to sell your home, then be open to the idea of storing or getting rid of some unnecessary furniture. Be ruthless. It will pay off in the end.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Last but not least, don’t forget to clean your kitchen. It doesn’t matter what stage of the process you do this in, as long as you do it. Nothing will make your kitchen more attractive than spotless countertops, dust-free floor, immaculate appliances and organized shelves. Keep your blender, microwave, dishwasher and fridge clean, vacuum and mop the floor, dust all areas that have never gotten near the microfiber cloth. Do what’s necessary to get every part of the kitchen gleaming and smelling fresh-and take your time! This is one area where cutting corners is not an options if you intend to sell your home. The best way to attract prospective buyers is with a kitchen that looks and smells clean as a whistle!

Additional Advice

Replace heavy curtains and drapes. They can only make the place look smaller and crowded. You need to let more natural light into the room- choose cheerful colors.

Repaint the walls. Choose bright like-tone colors, consider getting rid of wall hangings, think minimalist style-the less stuff in your kitchen, the better it will look.

Remove tablecloths. Stick to the rule- less is more. Add some fruits in a simple basket or a vase of flowers as simple accent piece.

Get rid of pot racks. They create the feeling of storage shortage and can potentially give buyers the perception of a space shortage. If you don’t want to part with your pot racks (they look great in your kitchen, they hold sentimental value or you simply don’t have anywhere else to keep them), then make sure to hang only the bare minimum.

Depersonalize. This means you need to remove as many personal items, such as pictures and knick-knacks, as possible still maintaining an inviting and warm atmosphere.

My last tip is to create a balanced kitchen. Space your items evenly and maintain consistent color schemes.

Hope this helps to sell your home faster and at a better price. Good luck!

The article is kindly contributed by Kathleen Crane who runs TenancyCleaners Wimbledon

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Primera unveils new partnership with echelon cabinetry

Primera has been granted rights to supply its single family home builder customers, in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, California and New Mexico, with Echelon Cabinetry previously known as Armstrong Cabinets.   The Echelon brand, owned by acpi™, has just been launched eighteen months after acpi purchased Armstrong Cabinets. It is the culmination of a rigorous rebranding and reinvention process that included over $7 million of investment in operational enhancements and process improvements, all focused on improving overall service levels to customers.

With its headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, Primera is already the largest independent provider of cabinetry and related interior products and services in the western USA with operations in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, California and New Mexico.

Primera’s Chairman, Ian Hislop, announced this news, saying “Primera has a large number of single family home builder customers, each with varying needs at differing price points.  The addition of Echelon Cabinetry to our existing cabinet brands allows us to offer more choice to meet the wide needs of these customers.  We are delighted to be working with Echelon and to be able to offer this product in our geographical markets.”

Building on six decades of industry excellence, Echelon offers its customers new tools, better product value and more professional customer support with this new cabinetry line.  Echelon’s Cabinetry Visualizer tool will be a big selling point to Primera’s customers: it enables home buyers to view their cabinetry options including style, wood, color and even accessories in a digital kitchen replicating their layout.

Nick Billig, CEO of acpi, when asked about this new relationship, stated, “Partnering with the leading cabinet solutions provider in the Western US fits entirely with our strategy for growth with the single family builder. We are excited at the opportunity to continue to leverage Echelon’s strong operational capabilities to grow our business based on our sustained ability to deliver on time, complete and defect free.”

In addition to cabinetry, Primera offers a full range of flooring, countertop and window treatments, not only to single family home builders but also commercial developers, home centers, remodelers and homeowners.

For more information about Echelon Cabinetry products, see

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Primera contributes to sun devil pride in university clubhouse remodel



Our relationship with our local college community is something to be treasured and cultivated.  On a recent project, Primera partnered with an exclusive club on ASU’s campus in order to bring some life and charm to their on-campus clubhouse.

Arizona State University has a unique club on campus called The University Club.   The club is committed to “the promotion of collegiality and communication between members of the university and the community.” This exclusive club, which functions under Auxiliary Business Services, is comprised of current and retired faculty, staff, alumni and members of the community.

Primera remodels ASU Clubhouse

The club is located near University Drive in Tempe, AZ, in the beautiful and historic building, originally known as Science Hall.  It is the perfect location for meetings and informal gatherings.  It also boasts a tasty bistro and is ideal for hosting any special event from weddings to corporate presentations and luncheons.

Like The University Club, Primera, based locally in Tempe, is also dedicated to investing in future generations and in our surrounding communities.  Primera was honored and excited to hear that The University Club had selected them to help upgrade and remodel their member lounge.  This project had several unique requests and challenges to contend with:

  • It was on a tight schedule.
  • It needed a custom stain to match existing cabinets.
  • It needed custom cabinets to fit the existing design.
  • It needed crown molding to match the existing design.

Due to these unique challenges, planning and communication were key to Primera’s success.  According to the project manager and overseeing designer, Julie Oller of Primera, “there was no room or time for error since the club needed to open it back up to the public before the start of the school semester.”


The most challenging aspect of this project was creating a custom stain that would blend seamlessly with the existing and aged cabinets already present in the clubhouse.  The University Club provided samples of the clubhouse’s existing crown molding.  Primera then mixed and tested a custom stain until it was a perfect match.  Once the samples were approved by the club’s representatives, the project was ready to move onto the next step.


The preliminary colorization and design consultation began in February 2013.  The project was finalized 3 months later in May.  The pre-planning process for this project was flawless.  The installation and renovation itself, was completed in about three-quarters of a day.  The club’s doors were reopened on August 5th with plenty of time to spare before the semester began in late August.


Primera collaborated with several other partners on this project including general contractor SD Crane Builders and Capital Programs Management Group, an architecture and engineering design firm.

Primera also worked with G. & L. Powers Inc. to create the matching custom cabinets and molding.  The entire scope of work included:

  • Several long walls of cabinets with open shelves below for storage and displays
  • A coffee station
  • A computer area
  • Over 100 ft. of open book shelving with adjustable lighting, including ceiling to floor shelving.

Debi Smith, manager of The University Club, said “the work done is extraordinary and looks as if it has been here for years. When our members and guests first see what we have done they are astonished at how wonderful it looks.  My favorite part is the entire project, it is beautiful.”

Due to their amazing partners: The University Club, SD Crane and CPM Group, this successful project was one of Primera’s favorites of the year.  Senior Architect, Larry Sorenson, of CPM Group, said “the cabinets are spectacular and blend seamlessly with the existing materials and colors.  The hardware and electrical provisions are all very well done… the work is exemplary.”

Pride is one thing The University Club and Primera have in common.  The University Club takes great pride in their: school, graduates and their community as does Primera in their work.  Primera was delighted to contribute to this distinguished clubhouse on Arizona State University’s campus.  Go Sun Devils!!!


Image Sources: (Kevin Dooley), (Hakeem Khaaliq)

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