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New year’s resolution: new kitchen! 7 up-to-the-minute makeover ideas


Chances are you spent a lot of time in your kitchen over the holidays.

Notice anything?

It could be that your fridge has seen better days or your floors are starting to look a little dull. Whatever the reason, a makeover might be just what your kitchen needs to kick off the New Year on a stylish note. Here’s a little inspiration from the design experts at Primera:


1. Oh my MOD.

Sometimes all it takes to update your kitchen is the no-fuss simplicity of a contemporary design style. Lose the countertop clutter and opt instead for a clean, modern look with bold fixtures and sleek architectural lines.




2. Design from the ground up.

Or in this case, from the floor up. Make your design centerpiece a bold new flooring style and let the rest of your kitchen fall into place around it. You might just be surprised by the results!




3. We’ve got your back(splash).

Why do we love backsplashes? The possibilities are endless. From smooth subway tile to mosaic glass, marble and natural stone, the right backsplash creates an eye-catching focal point and can pull together your overall design.



4. White club.

Some design trends never go out of style—like white kitchens. Something about the achromatic hue conjures up a feeling of freshness, and its cool, clean personality looks good on everything from cabinets to countertops. You can never have too much white.




5. As easy as L-E-D.

LED lighting has lost its morgue-ish complexion and taken a shine to softer shades that are more suitable for kitchen spaces. Plus, they’re more efficient and last longer than halogen or fluorescent light bulbs. We call that a win-win!



6. “A” is for automation.

Hands-free faucets were only the beginning. Nowadays you can control your smart kitchen appliances from your mobile phone, tell your voice-activated assistant to add items to your shopping list, and even ask your refrigerator what needs replenishing. How did we ever exist before automation?




7. Meet the new face of refrigeration.

Refrigerators of the past were oblong eyesores that loomed large in your kitchen space—but no longer. Nowadays they’re tucked into islands or concealed behind cabinet doors. Meanwhile, smaller-scale wine and beer fridges are becoming the life of the party.


Whatever your budget, Primera offers a wide selection of flooring, carpets, cabinets, countertops and more to make your kitchen makeover dreams a reality. Call today and talk to one of our home interior experts. We can help you get a head start on all of your 2018 design projects!

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Design trends: fabulous trendy and timeless bathrooms


New design trends go in and out of style so quickly that we’re hardly finished with the last home improvement project when the next one hits.

Design trends are meant to inspire you; to introduce you to new patterns or techniques you might not have considered. Think of trends as jumping off points, rather than, “Oh great. My bathroom is outdated already!”

That being said, here’s a look at some trendy, and timeless, bathrooms that could be at the top of your favorites list for years to come. Choose a style and layout that fits your space, your lifestyle, and your décor. Then, check “create fabulous bathroom” off this year’s list.


Trend: Floor to ceiling tile. Timeless: Natural colors.

Floor to ceiling tile use to be all the rage many decades ago, but typically the tiles were pink or seafoam green. This updated approach in black and white has many benefits: it makes a smaller bathroom feel bigger, is easy to clean, and holds up to hot steam.

You could even take this one step further and tile the ceiling. This trend, executed with natural colors, has timeless appeal.





Trend: Freestanding tubs. Timeless: Fits with your décor.

Freestanding tubs typically conjure images of old clawfoot basins. For those who love retro, classic, or shabby chic styles, this works well.

If your décor preference is more on the contemporary side, you’ve probably passed on the vintage vessels. One of the latest bathroom trends is the freestanding tub, now available in sleeker, more modern designs. Notice the similarly shaped double sinks that make perfect sense.

Who says you can’t have the best of opposite worlds right in your own bathroom?



Trend: Floating vanities. Timeless: Tidy storage and clean lines.

This design trend lets you float more than toy boats in the bathtub. Floating vanities are becoming more popular, as they provide ample, out-of-sight storage while giving your bathroom an upscale, airy feel.

Does the bathroom feel bigger just because you can see under the cabinets? Maybe!

The floating vanity may be a fleeting trend, but clean lines and open spaces never go out of style.




Trend: Black fixtures. Timeless: Simple and stylish.

Black fixtures can quite possibly fit with every décor. Select them for your farmhouse style in a classic gooseneck shape. Or, choose smooth contours to match your more contemporary or earthy architecture.

In this shower, the understated, simple black matte fixtures complement the colors and textures of the natural stone and wood elements. Shiny chrome fixtures would totally interrupt the calm, relaxing feeling here.




Trend: Open shower space. Timeless: In the right bathroom.

Open, or integrated showers are another bathroom trend for 2018. This can work well if you’ve already taken the floor-to-ceiling tile approach, and you have the space.

Like the floating vanity, the open shower gives the bathroom an airy, spacious feel. Just beware of splashing water out onto rugs or any clothes you left in a pile on the floor. Still, we like it, even if it is a bit less practical.


Interested in beginning a bathroom makeover but not sure where to start?

We hope we’ve inspired you, and want you to know we’re here to partner with you from design to installation to bring your vision to life! Give us a call or schedule an appointment online, today. And, remember to check out our new flagship, award-winning design center in Tempe, Arizona.

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Eco-friendly: home renewable energy and green materials


Photo source:

Concrete is the lifeblood of the urban city areas. Everything from the buildings to the city infrastructure
has been built using this spectacular material. However, with the recent rise in the climate change
awareness, other more eco-friendly construction materials are slowly replacing concrete. But not just
building materials; even green energy systems are replacing the traditional ones.

Yes, today, you can build an entire house with green materials and rely only on renewable energy. So,
let’s check out some of the most popular home green energy solutions, as well as look at some of those
eco-friendly construction materials, in case you are planning to implement them in your own home.

Home renewable energy solutions


Photo source:

Even though green energy systems have been around for a long time now, it wasn’t until the last decade
or so that we started to see their wider implementation. At the beginning, renewable energy solutions
were far from cost-effective. In fact, they were expensive to install and required regular maintenance,
which was expensive as well. However, today, things are quite different. We have many different green
energy solutions, but the two most popular ones are solar panels and residential windmills.

Solar power is by far the most popular renewable energy source. Solar energy can be harnessed in a
couple of ways in your home, the most widespread choice being solar panels. Installing just a couple of
them on the roof of your house will help you reduce your energy bill while leaving a smaller carbon
footprint. Take the state of Arizona for example. Arizona is one of the solar leaders in the U.S., in both
residential and commercial solar power use. Homeowners from every part of Arizona are installing solar
energy systems with the help of the federal and state tax credits. Arizona plans to expand their solar
energy production to 15% of the state’s total by 2025. So, if you are from that area, make sure to
contribute to that goal.

Next, we have residential windmills. When talking about harnessing wind energy, most people think
about those massive windmill farms in Australia. However, even smaller residential ones are perfectly
capable of supplying energy to your house while being eco-friendly and cost-effective. The best part, if
you live in a particularly windy area like the above-mentioned Australia, windmills will offer you a much
more reliable and consistent energy output than solar panels ever could.

Eco-friendly building material

Now, let’s talk about those green construction materials. But before you start building, you will need to
inspect and clean your house of hazardous materials like asbestos, especially if your house is built pre

For example, asbestos is found in almost every Brisbane home that was built between World War II and
the early 2000s. The asbestos removal in Brisbane has especially ramped up in the last couple of years
when homeowners realised how bad for them and the environment this material really is. So, make sure
your house is asbestos-free before you implement any eco-friendly solution from this list.


Photo source:

If your house is affected by asbestos, then that means you will be doing some renovations around your
home. This is the perfect opportunity to make use of green construction materials.

Bamboo is an incredibly durable and eco-friendly material. In Asia, this material is used a lot in
construction; they even build entire homes out of it. Bamboo’s finest characteristic is that it grows
quickly. Unlike oak forests (which take decades to grow), bamboo is easily replanted and reforested.
Plus, it looks fantastic.



Photo source:

Finally, if you are planning to strengthen your insulation, consider using sheep’s wool. Furthermore, it
offers a much better insulation than standard glass wool that you will find in-between most walls.

Switching to these green energy solutions and building materials is extremely important for the future of
our environment. But if that wasn’t enough, these environmentally-friendly solutions usually come with
some added benefits like reduced energy bills, stronger insulation, and so on. So, maybe the next time
you do some work around your house consider implementing some of them.


Will Sandford is a Sydney based wood architect, blogger and contributor on interior design and ecology blogs. Besides that, he is also interested in home improvement combined with green technology. In his spare time, Will enjoys surfing and rock climbing. He is a regular contributor to SmoothDecorator website.

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Love your wood floors? learn these simple tips to safeguard their beauty


There is nothing quite like the look and feel of real wood flooring. Not only are your wood floors sturdy enough to withstand the test of time, but their classic elegance never goes out of style.

So how do you keep them looking their best?

Here are a few simple tips to remember:


Keep the Outdoors Out.

A few well-placed welcome mats can go a long way toward protecting your wood floors from carried-in dirt and debris. Ask guests to leave their shoes by the door to further protect your flooring, and remember to wipe muddy paws when your four-legged family members come in from the yard.


Make it a Clean Sweep.

Regular sweeping is the best way to clean your wood floors and clear away dust and dirt that can scratch and cause damage. If you prefer vacuuming, make sure you use the right attachment and avoid vacuums with beater bar heads.


Ditch the Wet Mop.

News flash: wood doesn’t like moisture.

Wet mops and steam cleaners can allow water to seep in, which may warp the boards and cause permanent damage. Opt instead for a product such as the Swiffer® by Procter & Gamble and use only a mild solution to clean your wood floors.


Steer Clear of Harsh Cleaners.

To preserve the luster of your wood floors, avoid harsh detergents and soaps and use only manufacturer-approved hardwood floor cleaners. When you need to wax your wood flooring, apply polish only to those areas that experience the most wear.


Place Rugs in High-traffic Areas.


Hallways, entryways, the living room—any areas that see a lot of foot (and paw) traffic will benefit from area rugs. They will help protect your wood flooring from nicks, scratches, spills, dust and dirt.


Be Smart About Sun Damage.

Your wood floors are a lot like your skin on summer vacation: easily damaged by harsh ultraviolet rays. Window treatments can help protect against UV damage, along with periodically rearranging furniture to avoid over-exposure to the same areas.


Want to Know More about Wood Flooring?

As a leader in the flooring industry, Primera can help answer your questions about which type of wood flooring to choose and how to keep floors looking beautiful for years to come. From classic hardwood to bamboo and cork, we can help you select the best flooring type for your project. Call today or easily schedule an appointment online!

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Design trends: bookcases beyond the box


Curve Appeal


Square bookcases are so last-season, but organization is always in style. Start the new year off on the right shelf with a little creative organization for all your books and new “stuff” you acquired over the holidays. This large metal bookshelf is not only great for organizing good reads, it doubles as wall art – and appears to defy gravity.


Space Savvy


A shelf in the kitchen right where you need it keeps cookbooks handy within arm’s reach. It’s also an organized way to display small keepsakes while keeping your countertops free of clutter. Connect a series of floating shelves in a custom arrangement that fits perfectly on a wall, big or small, with an artistic flair to boot.


Acute Angles


Don’t be a square! Think outside the bookcase. Store your books straight up on these traditional bookshelves with custom angles. Built-ins always add value and personality to your home and can transform an average room into a favorite space.


Staircase Ingenuity


Sometimes a staircase is just a staircase, except when it doubles as a creative storage space with a desk and a built-in dog bed! Multifunctional is the operative word here and a great way to maximize a small living area. The best part is when you’re entertaining guests, all the doors and drawers shut tight to hide away papers. What messy desk?


Geometry Lesson


Contemporary spaces call for geometric patterns and lines. Create your own set of honeycomb bookcases to hold so much more than geometry textbooks. Honeycomb structures are architecturally sound and aesthetically pleasing for a great combination of function and design. Ask any bee.

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What’s up? creative ceiling ideas for every décor


Vintage Feel

Color and texture on the ceiling adds an element of surprise in any décor. Tin ceilings originated in the 1880s as an affordable way to dress up a “fifth wall.” Today, affordable faux tin ceilings come in a wide array of textures, patterns, and colors. This contemporary kitchen has a warmer, vintage feel as a result.


Midcentury Modern


Cork—it’s not just for wine bottles and bulletin boards. This family room ceiling covered in cork and wood strips for added texture, gives the room a warm, eclectic vibe. The colorful furniture is a cool balance. Note: cork on the ceiling makes it super easy to hang temporary ornaments or lights for a party.


Flowing Fabric

Oh, baby! Who says lush folds of fabric are just for drapery? Create an ethereal, bohemian space by hanging fabric from the ceiling all the way down the wall to soften any décor. Who wouldn’t want to nap in this serene space?


Rustic Reclaimed

Tin roof, rusted. Usually found on the outside of a home, corrugated tin on the inside of your house is a bold move. Reclaimed tin panels come pre-rusted and well-aged, and are the perfect complement to a classic, bucolic country house. They also function to make a high ceiling feel cozier.


Upward Elegance


The perfect balance of light and dark comes to this elegant sitting room with a show-stopping ceiling. White overhead is traditional, but the custom plaster relief design is totally unexpected. Dark wood floors along with a dark grey wall color provide warmth and sophistication while the ceiling makes it feel bright and open.

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Interiorscaping: bring the nature inside


First things that come to your mind when you hear the word landscaping are probably – everything connected to the outdoors; planting greenery, flowers, trees – overall change of the looks of yards, gardens, or parks. But what comes to your mind when you hear someone says “interiorscaping”?

The opposite of the outdoor landscaping, interiorscaping actually does the same thing only applied to indoor plants. Why not care for your houseplants with the same tendency you look after the ones decorating your garden? Arranging living plants around your home will not only make it look attractive but will also bring the nature inside your home.

Beneficial and marvelous

The benefits of choosing interiorscaping, besides the fact it gives almost any place distinctive and marvelous look, it provides better conditions for employees at workplace or people in their homes. By affecting the physical and mental health of individuals surrounded by plantscapes it creates healthy surroundings, positive energy and good atmosphere – a place where people enjoy spending time at and feel connected to nature.

It is a fact that individuals (especially flower lovers) are more productive and inspired to do, create and work when their surroundings are appealing. Imagine being able to smell the colorful flowers decorating offices while working, or just taking a lunch break and enjoying in a company’s lobby redesigned into atrium filled with greenery.

Who wouldn’t want that good office life?!

Clean air and positive energy

Choosing plantscape for your interior means you are choosing healthy. There are many positive sides to bringing the nature inside and reconnecting with the environment. Not only plants remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen they also enhance the air quality by filtering it. They make their own microclimate that helps providing more oxygen-rich air and increase humidity while keeping the air temperature down at the same time. Also affects saving energy which is only one more plus for choosing indoor landscaping.

Different types for different personalities

Deciding what style of indoorscaping suits you the most is the easy part. The possibilities are truly endless and you can make anything that comes to your mind. Adding color and texture using different types of plants can make it into a work of art. Think about what will make you feel most comfortable, search online for advices, tips and tricks.

Love the DIY? Well, if you have a green thumb you can make your own indoor gardens, small or big depending on the available space in your home, but first research various kinds of plants and the ways of taking care of them. That means – if you spend a lot of your time away from home, make sure you pick easy-care plants such as cacti or succulents. Not enough natural light in your home? Not a problem! Pick plants like Dracaena or Parlor palm trees that are not only aesthetically pleasing but don’t need much sunlight.

Linking Outdoors with the Indoors

Interiorscaping is closely connected to landscaping. Considering you are a type of person who enjoys outdoors as much as indoors and spends an equal amount of time both in the house and the garden, it is best to find a way to link your outside and inside plants. Consider asking the experts in the field for advice. Some of the best landscape architects indicate that outdoor space is an extension of our lifestyles and therefore should meet our needs. So think about investing in plants that can be outside during hot months and inside during winter. That way you will enjoy looking after the plants you own and love all over the year. Create extra room around windows to use for interiorscaping and you will make sure there is enough light for your greenery.


Now that you have created a beautiful site out of your home or office, it is important to ensure the plants continue looking beautiful and healthy green. Bringing the nature inside was easy but if you are not really sure what to do, or if you are a bit scared of accidentally harming the plants, hiring horticulturists or plant care specialist can help you. They will make sure your greenery is fertilized, pruned and watered regularly. That way you can concentrate on your work and enjoy the scenery.


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Caring for your stone countertops: 6 quick tips for the holiday season

This time of year, your kitchen becomes the star of the show. Between the cookie baking marathons and the festive party preparations, your beautiful countertops will be working double duty to accommodate all that holiday cheer. And let’s not forget about your bathroom surfaces—which may be in for a shock when friends and family come to visit.


Here are 6 quick tips for caring for your countertops before, during and after the holidays:


1.    Safeguard Your Stone


Countertops made of natural stone such as granite, limestone and marble are popular because of their beauty and natural durability. However, they still benefit from a little TLC. Seal your stone surfaces to prevent them from staining, and wipe up spills immediately to keep liquids from penetrating the surface.


2.    Always Use a Cutting Board


Beautiful countertops are made to stay that way. In the kitchen, always use a cutting board when preparing food. Cutting directly on the stone surface can scratch and dull your countertops, and bacteria from cutting meat can seep into the stone.


3.    A Little Soap and Water Go a Long Way


Using standard chemical cleaners may strip the seal on your countertops and expose the porous surface of the stone. For everyday cleaning, use mild soap and water to help keep your countertops free of grime and preserve their luster. A non-abrasive cleaner or countertop-friendly wipes may be used for stubborn stains. Always rinse with clean water after using any cleaning product.


4.    It’s All in the Wrist


When cleaning your kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops, try to remember to wipe in a circular motion. This will help prevent dulling the stone and will preserve its luster.


5.    Be Gentle with Your Surfaces

Avoid excessive force or thermal shock (extreme heat or cold) to keep your countertops looking their best. Gently lay down heavier items such as pots and pans, and keep hot pads or trivets handy in the kitchen for supporting hot dishes. In the bathroom, be careful with blow dryers, flat irons and other heated appliances.


6.    The Best Way to Get Rid of Goop

Once the holiday hustle and bustle has cleared, do a thorough survey of countertops. For any dried, stuck-on spills or goopy toothpaste globs you may have missed, use a plastic putty knife to get them up instead of a knife or abrasive pad.


Enjoy Beautiful Countertops from One Season to the Next

Our countertops endure a lot. Making sure we take good care of them can help them stay beautiful from one season to the next. Not sure which countertop style is right for your home? Just ask the experts at Primera! We can help you determine which materials will best fit your lifestyle.

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Holiday party planning – how to stress less this year

Holiday Planning

Photo By: Pixabay

Perhaps you are a little nervous about hosting your first holiday party this year. Or maybe you are working yourself into a tizzy because you feel like you have to top Aunt Susan’s holiday bash from last year. While the holidays are meant to be spent with friends and family and reflect on the year, it can be hard to do that when your mind is focused on food, place settings, people-pleasing, and unrealistic expectations. Take a step back, breathe in deeply, and check out these tips for a stress-free holiday party.


Start Early

The day of the party should be for small, finishing touches, so start planning and preparing early so you don’t find yourself completing tasks at the last minute. All that rushing around is stressful, and it sets the stage for a stressful holiday party. If you start the day cool, calm, and collected, you will be more apt to sanely handle whatever may crop up rather than having an outburst people will be talking about for years to come. Start by creating a check-list of everything you need to do, and have a family member or friend look it over to see if there is anything you might have missed. While it is tempting to be the hero and do everything yourself, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to others to take some of the pressure off. Turn to other helpful sources such as Pinterest for easy recipes and decorating ideas that pack a punch with minimal effort, but be mindful of guests with certain diet restrictions.


Think Logistically

One of the big pieces of planning a successful holiday party is making sure you have the right numbers. Nothing is more awkward than not having enough place settings, so triple-check your head count and ensure everyone will have the essentials including plates, utensils, wine glasses, coffee cups, etc. Have a few extra sets on hand in case there is an unexpected guest such as a friend or significant other. When you are planning where everyone will sit, don’t feel like you have to cram everyone at the main table. Consider having a separate table for the young adults and children. Not only will the table be less crowded, but the conversation will flow more easily since everyone won’t be shouting over each other to be heard. Remember, the extra seating doesn’t have to be fancy. A card table and folding chairs can be easily dressed up with a nice tablecloth and chair covers, or given a paint job for a completely new look.


Take Care of Yourself

With the focus on throwing the ultimate holiday party, it is easy to forget about your own needs, but you need to take care of yourself in order to be a good host. It might be tempting to stay up late into the night cooking, or skip a meal to perfect your DIY cornucopia, but nothing will dampen a party sooner than dark eye circles and a cranky attitude. In addition, this time of year is prime time for illnesses such as colds and the flu, so taking the time to give your body the rest and nutrition it needs is the key to a strong immune system. If in the midst of all the party prep you find yourself feeling stressed, take some time to step back and engage in a little self-care such as yoga, meditation, journaling, or simply giving yourself a pep talk in the mirror. You can even use some of these suggestions during the party. Perhaps you could step away to a quiet room for a minute to collect your thoughts, or go on a walk after the meal with a few party guests to clear your head and make room for dessert.


There are sure to be a few stressful moments that pop up during your holiday party planning. However, by preparing in advance, crunching some numbers, and tending to your own needs, you can stress a little less this holiday season.

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The dos and don’ts of caring for your wood cabinets

Everyday use can take a toll on your wood cabinets—no matter what room they happen to be in. The good news is that all it takes is a little TLC to maintain their beauty and integrity over time. Here are some quick dos and don’ts to keep them looking like new:


DO tackle spills quickly. Spills and stains will happen, and when they do, it is important to wipe them away as quickly as possible to avoid lasting damage.


DO use the right cloth. To preserve the beauty of your wood cabinets, gently wipe away spills with a soft, damp (not wet) cloth followed by a dry, lint-free cloth.


DO treat tough stains with TLC. Sometimes stains can be stubborn. Don’t panic! Gently rub the area with a soft, damp cloth and a solution of mild detergent (liquid soap) and warm water. Afterward, dry thoroughly with a lint-free cloth.


DO keep surfaces clean and dry. A splatter of sauce in the kitchen or a wet towel left hanging in the bathroom can easily damage your wood surfaces. Be careful to keep them as clean and dry as possible.


DO treat stains, nicks and scratches quickly. If the surface of your wood cabinet has been compromised, lightly scuff the area with fine sandpaper before applying a thin coat of touch-up lacquer to restore the protective top coating. If any of the color has been removed, a touch-up stain should be applied before the top coating.


DON’T use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads. These can dull or scratch the finish of your wood cabinets.



DON’T use paste waxes, household polishes or solvent-based cleaners. These products will leave a residue, which can build up over time and alter the original luster and sheen of the wood finish.


DON’T use harsh chemicals. Never allow cabinet surfaces to be in prolonged contact with strong acids or alkalis, as these can do lasting damage to the wood.

DON’T let water sit. Wood cabinets are found most often in kitchens and bathrooms—places where there’s no shortage of water. The longer it soaks in, the more damage it can do, so remember to wipe up spills and splashes immediately.

Wood design elements add natural beauty and appeal to your home. Like any high-quality surface, your wood cabinets deserve to be treated with extra care to keep them looking beautiful for years to come. Now that you know all about caring for your wood cabinets call or stop by today and let our team of design professionals help you create your perfect living space. Whether you need help choosing the right type of wood or you’re ready to install, Primera is your one-stop shop for stunning wood cabinets.

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