5 New Trends in Tile Installation – Mosaics, Inlays, Grout, and More


Here at Primera, our experts are passionate about equipping our clients with the tools they need to create beautiful and functional homes. Tile is a big part of what we do, especially for our clients in hot, sunny Phoenix or Scottsdale, Arizona area where cooling tile is in high demand.

Whether you are a designer, a builder or a homeowner, take a moment to read through these up and coming trends in tile design.

Mix and match sizes, styles and colors.

People no longer expect tile to be uniform in size, shape, texture and color. Designers are experimenting with tile designs that incorporate both small and large tiles, light and dark colors and even several different materials (ceramic, stone, etc.). Some designers are even installing tile inlays in hardwood flooring. There are no rules and no wrong combinations. “Wrong” is the new right.

Add art with mosaics.

Tile mosaics are a great way to add instant art to your floors, showers or kitchen backsplash. Mosaics are often comprised of very small glass tiles and are installed by an expert. This is a great way to add a conversation piece or a focal point to a room.

Incorporate medallion and listello inlays.

Inlays are another way to add character. Medallions and listello inlays provide tile floors with a surprise directional element that brings visual interest. These specialty inlays are wonderful for creating drama in rooms like entryways, foyers and bathrooms.

Teamwork – ceramic and stone tile work beautifully together.

Although very different from one another, ceramic and stone tile are best friends when combined in a way that complements the features of both. Don’t be afraid to use more than one type of tile material. Choose colors and textures that coordinate well with each other but still provide contrast.

Experiment with grout colors.

White grout is not the only option. More and more designers are choosing to use tinted grout to either blend in with the tile or purposefully stand out. Today’s choices are endless, so it’s easy to find a tint that matches almost any color combination.

To see what some of these options look like in person, stop by one of our showrooms or get in touch with a Primera designer. We’re here to give you the knowledge, ideas and the tools you need to create the perfect floors for your space.

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