Countertops: how to find your home's match


Looking to really reinvent your kitchen? It is cheaper, quicker, and easier to create a new impression by simply updating the countertops rather than the whole kitchen. With so many styles, materials, and brands to choose from, the transformation is both exciting and maybe even a bit overwhelming. Here are several considerations to help you narrow down your choices when it comes to choosing the perfect countertops for your home:


Material: Maintenance and Durability


Countertops come in a wide variety of materials, including natural stone, engineered stone, granite, vetrazzo, and semi-precious. Believe it or not, your lifestyle dictates the best material to use. If you are an avid cook, for example, a harder surface is ideal—whereas a family home will benefit from a stain-resistant, durable material.

If durability is your top priority, granite is your best option. Available in a wide variety of colors, granite can even be heat or scratch resistant; Arizona Tile is a great resource with over 70 beautiful granite variations to choose from.



The least exciting, but perhaps most important, thing to consider when updating or installing countertops is your budget. Luckily, no matter how much or little you can spend, there are still plenty of options out there. While granite is known for its durability, it’s not the most affordable material. However, laminate, stainless steel, and tile come in a wide-variety of beautiful and affordable options.




Whether you’re looking to warm up your kitchen or add a chic accent to your bathroom, the color of your countertop can give you the appeal you’re looking for. From white to black to any shade in between, there are plenty of color choices.

Natural stone, like quartz, is a hugely popular choice with many options and a unique aesthetic. But it’s important to remember that these natural stone materials are softer than granite and require more maintenance. Cactus Stone has a variety of stunning colors in quartz that can brighten up any kitchen or bathroom.

One of the downfalls of having so many different amazing brands and materials to choose from when it comes to your countertops is narrowing down your choices. This is where Primera can come in to assist you with finding that perfect countertop for you and ensuring it is installed perfectly—on time and within budget. Our experts know the brands we offer inside and out, helping you in making the best choice.


Schedule an appointment today to find out about the best countertop options for your kitchen or bathroom.

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February design trends: chevron, terrarium planters, picture rails, and more!




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Chevron Patterns

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Add Green Without the Watering Routine

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Picture Rails

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