The best cabinetry in phoenix: how primera provides variety and quality

“Options” is an exciting word when it comes to home interiors.  Primera Interiors understands this and provides all the home interior essentials, from window treatments to cabinets.  In this blog, the focus is on Primera’s cabinetry department and highlights a number of the high-end manufacturers available.

Primera offers customers a complete package solution for their home design needs through the widest variety and depth of options.  Some of the leading brands are:

KraftMaid:  “There’s a Solution for Every Style”

Merillat:  “The Dream Kitchen for The Real World.”

QualityCabinets:  “Real value.  True Creativity.  Lifestyle solutions that inspire and delight.”

Having a variety of choice in cabinetry is important to all of the different clients served:

  • contractors
  • designers
  • homeowners

Cabinet options allow contractors and designers to offer their customers a variety of stain colors, species of wood, price points and construction.  Working with so many different cabinet providers, is a great tool for designers because it gives them the ability to create a kitchen around any budget.  Homeowners will be sure to find the desired cabinets to install in the home to enjoy every day.

Here are 3 unique aspects of Primera Interior’s cabinet department that make it a powerful and unique choice in the industry:

  1. A vast knowledge and wealth of experience from being in the industry for over 40 years, with a proven business model that truly sets the standard for our industry.  One of the largest distributors of cabinets, complimented by finely tuned processes from order entry to delivery; taking less than three weeks in some cases, with expertise to lead you through the whole cabinetry process smoothly with no surprises.
  2. A stunning showroom where homeowners view products firsthand and contractors and designers bring their clients to help cement their design plans.  The showroom demonstrates the variety of stains, species and options with displays of over 21 kitchen vignettes.
  3. Primera has a comprehensive cabinet stock program for clients with limited project times. Primera’s 6,000 square foot warehouse in Phoenix is stocked full of pre-assembled cabinetry that can be collected within 24-hours.

Primera Interiors continues to work with the best so it can offer clients the best final results possible for their home interiors.  Clients can also utilize the cabinet cost calculator to get a meaningful estimate for the new cabinets of their choice.  Also, please take a look at Primera Interiors Cabinet Stain page to see photos of all of the stain options available.

Often expertise suffers when options become numerous, but at Primera Interiors, by working with many experts who share the values of quality and craftsmanship, the perfect balance has been achieved.

Visit Primera Interiors Cabinets in Phoenix to learn more.  You can also download the Company brochure, schedule a free estimate or check out the unique partial slab inventory.









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What is under your feet, phoenix? arizona flooring trends for 2013

All design industries have trends, including home interior design.  As a designer, general contractor or proud home owner, what you need to figure out is: is this trend classic with lasting power or just the next hot thing that is going to sizzle out?  Let’s take a look at some of the trends in flooring that have been popping up in 2013.  Primera Interiors provides customers with home interior products and advice that will help you whether you want to: design a lasting home for your clients, develop a community where everyone wants to live or adore the house you live in.

Here are 4 Flooring Trends that are Popular in Phoenix

Prefinished Flooring has lasting-power when it comes to popularity; it has been dominating for a good decade now.  It’s attractive due to its ease of installation and being low maintenance.  Prefinished Flooring means that the solid hardwood flooring has already been sealed and sanded.  It is ready to be laid down and nailed into place.  When installing wood in multiple homes or if you need to do a quick remodel, prefinished flooring is a reliable choice.

Bamboo is appealing for many reasons, the top two are that it is eco-friendly and can support many different types of interior design because Bamboo can be color stained very easily.  It is considered high-end but is competitively priced when compared to other flooring options.  Bamboo is a rapidly renewable source, which makes it a sustainable option.

Large Format-Tile is very popular in Arizona.  Much of the architecture is laid out in an open floor plan, with spacious rooms and high-vaulted ceilings.  Large Format-Tile usually starts around 12” by 12”; it helps accent large rooms and makes smaller ones feel more spacious.  It gives a room a more modern, sleek and clean look.

Natural Stone suits the Arizona climate by keeping homes a little bit cooler during the long and intense summer.  Granite, marble, limestone and travertine are often chosen for flooring in Phoenix and Scottsdale houses.  Natural stone also compliments Southwestern interior designs, with the added benefits of being extremely durable and it does not scratch easily.

Primera Interiors has been making home interiors come to life for over 40 years.  Primera Interior’s design team understands the trends that are going to be in and out and those that have staying power.  The Arizona cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale are very unique when it comes to architecture and interior design.  The weather and the desert lifestyle impacts home interior and exterior design, this includes the flooring.  Dust and dry weather can cause a lot of problems for certain types of flooring.  Arizona needs flooring where beauty and hardiness converge.

By choosing Primera Interiors to be your flooring provider, you will have access to all of these popular flooring trends and be able to discuss and seek advice to suit your individual design and lifestyle with a knowledgeable on-staff designer.  Primera Interiors is also unique in the fact that it is a complete one-stop-shop.  Under one roof, flooring can be purchased for 1 house or 100 houses and all interior home requirements met with equal expertise: cabinets, countertops, window treatments, carpet and more.  Primera Interiors is a trendsetter and can find the style that fits you perfectly.  Sign up to get a FREE measurement and estimate or download the Company brochure for more information.


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