How your granite countertops come to life: check out our granite fabrication process! phoenix, arizona

The average interior design company is going to outsource their granite fabrication process.  One of the powerful elements of Primera Interiors (and just another reason why we are the complete one-stop shop) is that we have our own fabrication shop.

As your most trusted contracting and design company in Phoenix, we ensure that every step of our granite fabrication process is of the highest quality and that the best product is being created.  We know what it takes to bring the highest quality granite countertops into your home or business. Your company can only benefit from our quick and seamless process where zero errors and ensured quality is a must.

While the granite fabrication process involves highly technical skilled labor and complicated machinery, Primera Interiors are professionals at the process.    Here are some of the steps that we take in our fabrication process in order to bring the beautiful granite to life!

How Your Phoenix Granite Countertops Are Made

The process of taking a raw piece of natural granite, having quality machines cut it to precise measurements and having professionals to round and polish the edges takes an average of six hours at Primera.  In our fabrication center all of the stresses of cutting and polishing the stone are completed in house.  Primera ensures that your granite is finalized before reaching the site of your home, business or project meaning that the only work being done on the project site is the installation and assembly of the countertops—lowering the risk of damage to the granite and saving time and money.

At Primera Interiors, we put a strong emphasis on both quality and efficiency, where our staff of highly skilled and qualified professionals expects only the best products along each step of the granite fabrication process. As both a contracting and design company, we work with your business to produce durable, long-lasting, and also original products. From our wide variety of granite colors to our assortment of edge shapes and designs, we help to create the most useful and most beautiful granite countertops to fit the needs and preferences of any style and taste.

The granite countertops that will enter your homes and businesses will catch the eye of everyone who walks past. For our low and competitive prices, you receive guaranteed quality in both product and service. Your granite is processed by only the most efficient and advanced machinery and technology, and is finalized and installed by the hands of only the most trusted and talented of professionals. When it comes to your home and business, Primera Interiors is here to promise only the best we have to offer at the most competitive prices, as well as to answer any questions you may have along the way.


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4 tips on kitchen countertops that make or break your kitchen in phoenix, arizona

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One of the very first things you notice when you walk into a kitchen is the countertops.  If they are glossy and perfect you can’t help but drag your fingertips over the finish; imagining the dinner parties and delicious meals the room and countertops will inspire.  Kitchens hold great weight for contractors and designers because they are the number one room that can win or lose the heart of a buyer.

We understand the importance of kitchen design.  Kitchen countertops in phoenix are pivotal to the whole of a project; that is why Primera Interiors is the expert at staying on top of the latest trends and being in tune with what homebuyers, developers and designers want in Phoenix, Arizona.

Here are 4 tips on the latest trends in countertops in Phoenix

1.  The thing to remember when designing and choosing kitchen countertops is that consumers want one thing above all else: uniqueness.  The kitchen must be functional, but not give off the feel of a-dime-a-dozen, focus on choosing colors and material for kitchen countertops that are unique.

2.  What are some of the choices you can make to create unique kitchen countertops that are guaranteed to stand out? After buyers select the countertop, whether the material is: granite, marble, limestone, or quartz, they can then customize the edge detail’s style and thickness.  Another distinct feature is creating island tops that look more like furniture pieces with pop outs and/or radius’s.  Customizing tile backsplashes, whether simple or complex, is also an area where creativity and uniqueness can be displayed.

3.  Some of the popular trends in the Phoenix market right now are in the contemporary realm.  Primera Interiors is seeing more quartz countertops being installed than ever, as well as marble and limestone.  These materials are popular because they give a clean look to a kitchen and support this increasingly popular modern look.

4.  As far as color goes, lighter colors seem to be more popular with Arizona home buyers; especially the colors white and cream.

Interior design cannot emphasis enough the power of kitchens—they are the heart of the home.  That is one of the reasons why Primera Interiors in Phoenix offers such a selection of quality and beautiful kitchen countertops.  We also have our own fabrication shop so every stage of our countertop creation process is monitored with care and great attention to quality control.

Primera interiors truly is a one-stop-shop for homebuyers, contractors and designers.  Feel free to stop by one of our two beautiful design centers to see the countertops we offer in person.  While you are there you can also check out the cabinets, flooring options and window treatments that are displayed.  Primera Interiors is sure to have the countertops that will bring just the right level of spice and uniqueness to your kitchen design.


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Southwest flooring: a guide to flooring in arizona


The challenge of installing new flooring in Arizona can be a unique experience. Humidity, temperature, and sun exposure are all variables that can have a dramatic impact on the quality and lifetime of your flooring. Here are a few important considerations that should be made before committing yourself to a new installation.

Style Decisions

Matching the new floor install to the trim and cabinets may be important to you or your client, but the ultimate style choice of the new install should be influenced by the three general characteristics of flooring: Type, Color, and Texture.



Perhaps the most significant style decision that you’ll make before installing a new floor or replacing an existing one is the type of flooring that you’d like to use. In the dirty desert, using glazed ceramic tile instead of unglazed ceramic could make all the difference in the world when you consider how much dust and debris is found in Arizona! Left unconsidered, this seemingly minor difference could contribute to a regretful headache a few years down the road as you realize that some minor research could have potentially doubled the lifespan of your new tile work.
Granite is an attractive and durable material that is making a resurgence in the southwest flooring market as many Arizona contractors embrace the increasingly low cost of installing it.


Once you’ve chosen a floor type, you may be somewhat limited by the amount of control you have over the color of your floor. After all, hardwood (usually) only comes in shades of brown! Although creamy maple and dark walnut tend to go great together, perhaps that’s just not your fancy. Why not let some of the alluring sample project photos on our resilient flooring page influence your color decision?


Like many other contractors and homebuilders in Arizona, you may have a bleak attitude about installing hardwood or other flooring types in a desert home, and you feel may feel that way for good reason. Perhaps you’ve had a dissatisfying experience with your hardwood scratching or warping after a particularly hot summer. The valley of the sun can take a toll on your new floor, but don’t be discouraged! The Southwest can enjoy wood flooring too.
Quick Tip: All types of wood come in varying degrees of hardness. Harder woods tend to fare better in the desert heat but that’s not always the case. Lucky for you, we’re here to answer all of your ‘Arizona Flooring’ questions.

Gathering Inspiration

After making some decisions about the type and style of the flooring that you’re going to install, it’s time to gather some inspiration from others! We recommend some of these inspirational sources:
1. Our portfolio gallery contains some stimulating imagery from past projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on.
2. Solicit your friends and family for advice.
3. Content aggregators online like Houzz and Pinterest let users upload their own content. A two-minute browsing session is sure to turn up a wealth of handy inspiration.
4. Follow your favorite industry leaders on Twitter and Facebook to see photos, gather tips, and keep up on recent news.
5. Subscribe to blogs from contractors that exhibit and explain their previous work

Research & Final Decisions

So you’ve narrowed it down to a few different choices, gathered some inspirational imagery, and you think you just about have your flooring choice figured out. There are just a couple of things worth considering before jumping into the installation process.

Health & Environmental Sustainability Considerations

Your ultimate choice of flooring is usually going to be influenced by your aesthetic preference to a certain look or your modest attempt to establish some visual consistency between the flooring and the cabinetry. Attempting to be environmentally responsible should also be a priority of yours and some types of flooring materials are undoubtedly more problematic than others.
“Vinyl presents a health hazard across its entire lifecycle, from production to installation to use and disposal,” says Marian Keeler, author of Fundamentals of Integrated Design for Sustainable Building, citing the correlation between vinyl plasticizers and asthma in young children.
This is one example of the various concerns that manifest themselves as you research the benefits and drawbacks of flooring that you’d like to install.

Follow the Trends

In the Southwest, residential architecture trends towards a stucco/adobe style; this is apparent in almost any neighborhood valley-wide and for good reason. Synthetic stucco brings with it many advantages including low maintenance requirements and impressive longevity. Similarly, some flooring materials are more commonly found throughout Arizona. In Phoenix, ceramic tile is popular for its easy maintenance, climate resistance, and cool aesthetic, hardwood flooring, always popular for its easy installation and maintenance, remains a trendy choice in the Southwest. Carpet goes in and out of style more frequently than other materials but will always be popular thanks to its easy installation and low cost.

Choosing a Provider

Installing new flooring can be an enormous project, consisting of an (oftentimes) rigorous research effort, in-depth analysis of your strategy, cataloguing your materials and ordering them, and taking time off work to complete the project before winter. Unless you plan on undertaking this massive responsibility yourself, you should find a local contractor to help you manage your flooring project.
In an ideal world, you’d have a competent contractor that manages a local and diverse product offering, capable of being your one stop shop for all of your contracting needs. Look no further, my friend. Primera Interiors is prepared to be that competent contractor, exceeding your expectations by providing you with everything you need to complete your project on-time and under-budget.
No need to thank us when all of your needs are met and your dream flooring is installed. Just make a casual recommendation to a neighbor, when they notice your beautiful new floor, and we’ll call it even.


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3 reasons why primera interiors is the best at meeting your contracting needs


When it comes to running a project, managing the work and those working to complete the job is no easy task. Primera Interiors is here to help all of the contractors we work with; when we say we’re your “one stop shop” for all your contracting needs, we mean it, we will provide you the best products and the best services, in the most efficient means possible. But how does Primera do it?

  1. We have everything your company needs: The contracting game is no easy win. The work team becomes overwhelming to manage when multiple companies are on board. Where a contractor has to work with multiple companies, one handling design, one providing installation, yet another supplying the product etc. managing becomes a full time job. Primera Interiors is your right-hand man in streamlining your business contracting process, providing all the workers you need from just one company. We save you the time and headaches of managing and coordinating by providing your installers, designers and product providers all from one place. Not to mention, the “one-stop shop” structure provides the extensive buying power to save both time and money.
  2. We provide the service your company deserves: To put it plainly, Primera Interiors is here to exceed your expectations, and those of your clients. We are a general contractor that specializes in providing the strongest staff and highest quality products to ensure that your company’s every project will blow your clients away. You tell us what you need, who you need to do it, and when you need it done, and we’ll take it from there! The most successful businesses are based upon strong communication, and we make it a point to work by your side to discuss what options are best for your every project.
  3. We offer a variety that gives your company choices: One of the keys to making customers happy is giving them options. Primera Interiors offers an extensive selection of products, colors, ideas and textures to give your customers what they want, and more. Our products consist of flooring, from wood to tile, featuring bamboo, stone, ceramic, porcelain, cork, hardwood, and unique tile designs, wood trim and molding. More flooring options include carpet and resilient floors with many types and styles to choose from. Our cabinet selection features options for kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment rooms and laundry rooms, with choices of stain such as cherry, maple, oak and birch. Looking for countertops? You got it. Bring life into your customers’ homes with our variety of granite, natural stone, cambria, and uniquely designed edging options. To top it all off, Primera Interiors also offers window treatments to garnish your projects the perfect touch of energy and light.

Still not sure what we mean when we say “bringing home interiors to life?” We would love to have you check out our showrooms, displaying our products that will keep your customers wanting more. Primera Interiors knows the burdens of managing contracting projects, and it is our priority to save you time and money in all areas possible. You focus on making your company the best contractor it can be, and we’ll be by your side to give you what you need to make this happen.

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