3 ways to find the best kitchen cabinet contractor for you

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Everything in our world is becoming more and more virtual. But no computer in the world will ever replace a great craftsman and a great craftsman is what you need when searching for the right kitchen cabinet contractor for your project.

You also need a great selection of cabinets and designers to help you pick out and find your style. When starting on the quest to discovering the correct contractor and design center for your ground-up design project or your remodeling project you might not know where to start. Here are 3 tips to help you find the very best kitchen cabinet contractor possible for you so that you won’t have to worry about what your end result will eventually look like.

There is a lot of trust when you are hiring someone you don’t know to do something that you have little or no knowledge in; so most of these tips involve homework and research to get the results that you want you have to put the time in:

  1. Speak to people who have used them before
    Treat the contractors that you are interested as candidates for a job in your company. Ask for references and check out those references. Ask people who have used them before if they were happy with the quality of work, the timeliness and the quality of product and their communication.
  2. Look at their professional experiences
    It isn’t all about references; it is pretty easy to find someone somewhere who likes anybody. The work needs to speak for itself. It is important to go to the contractor’s showroom to see their product and the installment style and also engage the culture of the company. If possible and the contractor has installed cabinets in a model home or a public place such as a restaurant or a hotel room make an attempt to go and see their work in person.
  3. If it’s not in writing, it never happened
    Your word still mean a lot in society and relationships but in contracting and business if it isn’t in writing it never happened. After you have decided on a contractor that you feel is the one for you make sure that you get everything to the last detail in writing. If the contract comes from the contractor make sure that you scrutinize it so that you feel comfortable signing your name on the dotted line. If you feel uncomfortable ask questions and negotiate, nothing is set in stone until you sign.

There is a lot of knowledge to sort through and many avenues that you can use to gain help and the proper hands to help you finish your project. No matter which cabinet contractor you eventually go with, all the top candidates should have this one thing in common, they should want you have a hand and a voice in your project. After all you are going to be the one who will be looking at their work every single day. If you decide to go with Primera we have a fantastic cabinet stock program with a great variety that we can supply within 24-hours and an awesome showroom and great experience and references and we would love to get an “interview” with you for any potential opportunities.

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Primera’s cost calculator and how to use it

At Primera, we know how important it is to give our customers the right tools to help them create the perfect home. We want our clients to be confident that they are getting the highest quality products, installation and service. But we also want them to have a better understanding of their investments.

That’s why we’ve created a Cost Calculator – a program which gives clients an estimate of their project cost based on the selection criteria. These criteria include the material, the style and the stain. By giving our clients this tool, we are empowering them to make informed decisions about their purchases.

Through a few selections, we can estimate the cost of your new kitchen cabinets (based on a standard 10ft X 10ft “L” shaped kitchen). First, and probably most importantly, you will choose the type of wood. Although different species of wood have certain known characteristics, it’s important to keep in mind that wood by nature tends to vary in grain, color and pattern.

How to use Primera cost calculator? Step 1

Once you’ve decided on your wood species, you’ll select the door style, which ranges from the economical square recessed panel to the premier square raised panel. Primera carries both framed and frameless European cabinetry.

How to use Primera cost calculator? Step 2

Finally, select your color choice, which will depend on what type of wood you’ve chosen. Primera offers a wide variety of stains for every style – take a look at our color options on our website: http://primera.net/cabinets

How to use Primera cost calculator? Step 3

Once you’ve finished the selection process, the program will automatically calculate your estimated cost. Feel free to see how the different wood types, stains, and styles will affect your calculation. It is important to remember that this is just a rough estimate to help guide you and your clients in the decision making process. For a more detailed estimate, based on your specific room measurements, contact Primera or stop by our showroom to speak with one of our experts.

Image Source: http://pmtips.net/common-project-estimating-pitfalls/

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Choosing flooring for your arizona home

Warm and sunny with a dry and dusty climate, Arizona presents several distinct characteristics worth keeping in mind when choosing flooring for your, or your client’s home. Climate characteristics like humidity levels, temperature, sun exposure and dust are all good things to keep in mind when it comes time to select a flooring material.

If you don’t even know where to start, the team of designers and consultants at Primera can point you in the right direction, but for now, let’s take a look at some factors that should influence your decision.

Humidity Levels

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Arizona has little to no humidity; as the native Arizonians say, “It might be 115°out, but at least it’s a dry heat.” Let’s take a look at what naturally thrives in Arizona: cactus, succulents, drought-tolerant trees and shrubs are indigenous to the area, classic desert vegetation.

Most of the time Arizona’s humidity levels are around 35% for Phoenix, including days and nights and it only fluctuates minimally. This makes the Grand Canyon State a great candidate for wood flooring. Solid hardwood is very susceptible to moisture and extreme humidity fluctuations, which can cause the wood to warp or crack.

That being said, wood floors should still be installed above grade on top of a moisture barrier and subfloor. The moisture barrier will be especially helpful during Monsoon season when the humidity can rise to over 50% on rainy afternoons.

While Arizona’s dry and relatively stable climate mixes well with hardwood, there is such a thing as too dry when it comes to wood. If the relative humidity drops too low, wood floors can split and crack. If your home suffers from extremely low humidity (air conditioners as well as heating units can suck moisture out of the air), it would be wise to install a humidifier to keep the humidity at around 30%.


Our great Arizona sun is a double-edged sword. It’s a welcomed friend in the winter and a foe in the summer, when that dry heat can happily remain at over 110 degrees for weeks on end.

Want flooring that can make your home feel cooler and actually help to reduce energy bills? Ceramic tile is a rock star in the summer heat. Though it can be cold on the feet in winter (hey, put some socks on!), tile can help you beat the heat during the roasting months. Plus, it’s resistant to fading from the intense sun and all that tracked-in sand and dust won’t wear it down. Tile is also a good choice if you are in a low lying area and are worried about flooding during Monsoon season – it is also very water resistant.

Dust, sand and debris

Arizona is a dustbowl. There is no shortage of sand and dust, and sometimes it can be downright intense. The dust storms that swallow the Valley in the summer can sprinkle a nice layer of grit over every surface.

It’s a good idea to keep this in mind when choosing a flooring material; those that are easy to sweep and mop like tile, laminate and vinyl will be easier to keep clean. Though carpet is cozy, especially in the winter months, it tends to hold on to dust and grit and should be professionally cleaned every now and then to keep and maintain its original look. If you are remodeling a room that you know will receive a lot of outdoor traffic (like a hallway or foyer, for instance), choose something that’s easy to sweep.

What about wood floors? While it’s easy to do a clean sweep, constant exposure to sand and grit can wear down the finish, so take this into consideration for areas exposed to the outdoors.

There are more considerations than those listed above, like Eco-friendly trends (bamboo and cork floors are especially popular) and design and color factors as well (tans, browns, and terracotta tones tend to work well in Arizona). To consult with the experts, contact Primera Interiors – we’ll help you choose the right choice for your Valley home.

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