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Interiors of homes and businesses are like paintings. Sometimes they take years to complete as each slow and precise brushstroke is carefully applied, layer after layer. Sometimes the style is more impressionistic with broad and emotional application that fills up the canvas or room in a few hours. Not every design has the luxury of time, as sometime designers and builders need products yesterday.

Primera, in our constant sensitivity to the diverse needs of our clients, has our own stock program for those in need of a quick renovation. In our Phoenix warehouse we carry, in stock, over 6,000 square feet of pre-assembled cabinetry that is available for pickup in 24-hours. Ordering custom cabinetry through the regular process can take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks, this program is available for our contractors and clients who don’t have that time available.

Primera’s Account Manager, Lisa Mize, is also the manager of the stock program. She has been in the industry for 12 years and says, “The stock program comes in very handy for people who don’t have 4 to 6 weeks to wait ideal for rental and apartment owners, property managers and others who don’t want to lose a whole month of revenue waiting for the product to arrive.” The type of cabinetry Primera stocks is our recessed-panel Beech Wood, most stock providers carry oak, which is what many clients want taken out of their homes and businesses. Our Beech Wood cabinets look similar to maple, which are very popular right now, and are stained with our best selling finish Wiley Brown.

Primera’s stock program is constantly being refined and was just revamped and reintroduced in its current format last September in order to help grow and define our retail division. The stock program inventory isn’t allowed to dwindle. Our trucks drop off deliveries every week to replenish our stock, so that we will always have on hand what our clients need. Lisa said that many of Primera’s clients are not fully aware of the depth and flexibility of Primera’s stock program and she wants to get the word out. “We try to make is as easy as possible for people to find the solutions that they need with our items in stock.”

One of the benefits of working with Primera is that we have in-house designers who can help the clients with their selection. The stock program is also the perfect fit for our small business partners who only have one or two jobs in progress at a time. Primera can provide a complete list of items in stock along with pricing and door samples. Lisa added, “The benefit of working with our stock program is that we have more of a personal touch…the program is very affordable, coming in lower than competitors and we are all about establishing relationships. Almost every single person who has comes to us looking for stock has come back and been a repeat customer…especially when they just need something tomorrow.” If you would like more information regarding Primera’s stock program please contact Lisa at:

Primera Stock

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