The struggle for coherency with your carpets & counter tops

Color Scheme and Product Selection

You can ask them to be quiet, you can bribe them with a promised outing or treat and if all else fails you can resort to threats.  But all this is in vain, if your carpets and counters are fighting with each other.  When redoing or starting out a kitchen it is important that there is a sense of serenity among the players, which in this case are the: cabinets, flooring, countertops and fixtures.

The great thing about creating a kitchen or a home is that we can really dive into our own individual tastes, and pick out what we want.  But with the investment and longevity that resides in countertop and flooring decisions, many of us would like a little direction.

A knee-jerk thought could be the simplicity of matching, but like opposites attracting, “some homeowners find that mixing a variety of materials creates an ideal kitchen.” Kim Hildenbrand writes in her article Kitchen Countertop Buying Guide.  Your countertops and carpet or tile does not necessarily have to be in the same hue or resemble the same textures; they just need to get along.

It is difficult to pick out countertops and flooring without having them next to each other, as they will ultimately forever be,so make sure you take a piece of one or the other so that you can do a comparison.  The best way to incorporate the entire project together is to gather all of the colors in the room, such as paint and accessories, along with the countertop and floor material. Gathering these materials together will help to establish a color palette to work from.” eHow Home’s advises in their How to Match My Granite Countertops with My Floors.Also, doing a walk-through of an open house or two or some model homes can help you get a good visual as to what stands out to you. This might help you decide on the looks that you like and the textures and colors that you might want to stay away from.

If your energy and budget aren’t up for an entire renovation of your kitchen a drastic change can be accomplished with a bucket of paint and a rug, or series of rugs.  There are many antiquing options that paint, sandpaper and stencils can offer cabinets to change their look.  Also simply by change the knobs and handles in a kitchen you can usher in a new feel.

Our homes should be our sanctuaries, so whether it is loud voices or arguing colors and textures, they need to be silenced so that peace can fill the spaces; as long as you do your research, take your time and go with your gut (after all it is your house) the bickering should never begin or get eradicated once and for all.

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Setting the scene

Backsplash Ideas

Whether it is a Broadway debut, a proposal or an anniversary, choosing the perfect place, setting the scene and evoking the correct ambiance can be the difference between a success and a flop.  The backsplashes of our homes help set the intimate or casual, candlelight or fireside feel and flow to the interiors.  Their colors and textures can evoke different emotions,play with light, show or conceal imperfections, draw us in or push our eyes elsewhere.

Backsplashes can be made of stone, glass, metal or tile.  In kitchens, where the most important things are cleanliness and accessibility, backsplashes give us an area to show our creativity and make our kitchens unique; a chance to show our fun, brilliant side with very little disturbance.  This Old House tells us, “you can add real flair to your kitchen with relatively little fuss, because installing a backsplash is a project you can tackle without disturbing other elements in the room.” The primary function of backsplashes is to protect against well, splashes… so while all these creative ideas are floating through our heads, make sure to remember that backsplashes will have to be cleaned from time to time.

Balance and complimentary colors should be considered when drumming up backsplash ideas. For example, when working with very dark cabinetry, try to lighten it up with an airy backsplash and vice-versa with light cabinetry.  Try a bright color that matches the dishes, or maybe a delicate stencil or even mixing and matching tiles. Southern Living suggests that it isn’t only color that we can mix and match but also different types of elements and material, “Mix different materials, like metal and tile, to create a custom look.” Another great idea from Southern Living is “use unexpected materials, like aged mirrors, for a unique look.”

Backgrounds, back-drops and backsplashes may tend to sound unimportant after all they are in the back.  But remember that one of the keys to a hit, a memorable evening out, or an unforgettable interior are the details; so whether it is polished or rugged, comedic or tragic, bright or mute remember it is the little things that count.

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