Home sweet home at the ujima house

Primera Renovation Provides the Girls With a Sense of Pride

Tempe, AZ. September, 2011-FIBCO Family Services, Inc. has been running the Ujima House, a residential program assisting pregnant and parenting teen mothers, for 15 years without proper upgrades to the facility. They were in desperate need of assistance with a much needed renovation project. Primera was honored to step in and donate a great portion of the material, professional time, and labor to ensure the property received a quality upgrade.

T.J. Wheeler, CEO of Primera said, “At Primera, we believe in giving back to the community. The Ujima House had a specific need to bring their home interior to life and we were able to step up and help get the project completed.”

Primera was able to provide granite countertops in the kitchen and baths, as well as Wiley Brown Birch cabinets and vanities. New carpet was installed the main hallway and in all the bedrooms while vinyl flooring was laid in most of the common areas. Site supervision, demolition, materials, and installation were also contributed by Primera Interiors, a full service supplier.

From large partnerships to individual employees volunteering, the entire Primera team is dedicated to serving the community. They take stewardship very seriously and want to help others thrive by giving back and sharing success. In the recent past, Primera and its principles have contributed well over $1 million to numerous charitable foundations including Fuel the Mission, Helping Hurting People, Child Fund, and Children International.

FIBCO Family Services, Inc. has provided community services within Maricopa County for 25 years through onsite services and community collaborations. The mission of the organization is to create self sufficiency amongst families while serving as a catalyst to community organizations. The Ujima House, in particular, serves at-risk girls in the Phoenix area by providing specialized individual service plans and life skill programs that foster the success of each young adult.

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Remodeling 101

Every remodeler, contractor, supplier, and flipper will tell you that the first step of a remodel is to establish a realistic budget. It is also wise to set aside an extra 10-20% of your budget for overages and incidentals. One sure way to save money is to plan ahead. As you work through the design process, think of everything you want included in your new space, from appliances to light fixtures. Be careful, because every option you choose may drive the price higher than you planned. Don’t be afraid to shop around to determine if you can achieve a similar look with a less expensive product. The key is to stretch the budget while achieving stylish results.

If you choose to hire a contractor or a designer, it is important to check their references and their work. Referrals from friends or family work well, if you trust their opinion, taste, and standards. You can also check a contractor’s list of suppliers to see if they have a good reputation of paying their bills on time. When gathering bids, all decisions should be based on value and quality as well as price. You will definitely save money and time if your contractor is familiar with the building codes in your area. A well written contract can also prevent costly mistakes or additions to your project.

You might also want to consider working with a project manager from a ‘one stop shop’ such as Primera. Working with one supplier can save the consumer time, money, and hassle because everything from flooring to window treatments can be found in one location. Your project manager will ask the right questions and focus their efforts on the most appealing yet price-sensitive solutions. Experienced professionals can help you from material selections all the way to installation.

Finally, set up a time line and a payment schedule. No matter how well you plan, expect the remodel to take longer and cost more. This doesn’t mean your contractor or supplier is trying to deceive and cheat you, a few set backs usually occur as the project proceeds. You never want to pay for an entire remodel up front. Your down payment should be no more than 50% of the total contract price. The contract should also spell out the schedule for the rest of the payments. Because the time line can be easily thrown off, it is suggested to base these payments on project points, such as when the electrician starts or the cabinets are installed, rather than specific dates. Final payments should not be made until everything is done, all inspections are complete, and you are totally satisfied with the results of the remodel.

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Cabinet accessories

Kitchens have traditionally been the heart of the home and a great gathering space for those who enjoy cooking, as well as for those of us who just enjoy eating.  The importance of a fabulous kitchen cannot be emphasized enough, whether you are building your dream home or remodeling your existing space.  Your lifestyle should directly affect the design and layout of your kitchen as you allow function to mesh with fashion.

Modern manufacturing allows for a wide variety of material options including many different solid wood cabinets.  The species of your luxury kitchen cabinets will greatly affect the outcome of your total kitchen project.  While maple wood is the most popular choice today because of its toughness and beauty, cherry is one of the finest due to the rich tones and colors that add an appealing dynamic to your home.  The dense grain found in oak make it extremely durable and damage resistant and because of its abundance in America, it’s the least expensive of the hardwoods.  Hickory has one of the more distinctive grain patterns that provide an attractive rustic look to any kitchen while birch might be described as a softer more lush wood that creates a cozy warm kitchen. Staining your cabinets is a great way to add color to the wood without ruining the beauty of the grain.  Once you have selected the wood you prefer, choose between a light, medium, or dark tone to achieve the desired final look.

You will once again want to consider the desired style of the kitchen when choosing your door and drawer fronts.  Arch style cabinets highlight a room and make a statement of classic traditional while portraying more of a casual country feel.  If you are looking for more traditional elegance or transitional style, a raised panel will personalize the home.  The clean and simple lines of the flat panel cabinets definitely showcase the ever-popular contemporary setting.  Crown molding is an attractive detail to highlight the cabinetry and achieve a custom look inexpensively.

There are endless options when it comes to the cabinet accessories.  You will definitely want to maximize your cabinet space with organizers that glide in and out allowing you to reach all available space with ease.  Pullout organizers for cookware, trays, and spices are very popular and keep the kitchen clutter to a minimum.  Trash can stations and recycling centers will keep trash out of sight but within easy reach so the whole family can recycle efficiently.  Have fun with accessories, they may not add resale value but they will bring you both functionality and enjoyment.

Finally, it’s important to coordinate your cabinets with your countertops and appliances.  For example, contemporary kitchens tend to have monochromatic stone or stainless countertops and ‘smart’ appliances.  Avoid ornate handles on the cabinets and go for the sleek simple steel.  Country kitchens are warm and inviting so use natural materials such as wood and stone.  White appliances will be highlighted with blue accents on the walls.  Every kitchen is completed with an amazing backsplash to either add a punch of your personal touch or tie in your style.

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