Evolution of window treatments

Window treatments have a rich long history dating all the way back to animal hides in tents.  I think you’ll see there are no rules that haven’t already been broken and as long as you factor in form, function, and style you can’t go wrong. Originally, treatments were simply used to keep out elements such as sunlight and dust while keeping the living spaces cool or warm.  We find early textiles such as linen and flax in ancient Egypt, followed later by wool, cotton, and silk.  Egyptians were also the first to create the ‘matchstick’ or bamboo blinds.

Heavy cloth and tapestries used in the Middle Ages were influenced by the cold damp castles in England and Northern Europe.  As trade increased with Persia, India, and China, European and American homes alike were filled with finely woven textiles.  By 1850, the mass-production of these textiles made it possible for even the middle class to marry architectural style with window coverings.  Towns were growing quickly and houses were being built closer together so privacy was of primary concern.  It’s at this time we see window treatments becoming more elaborate and ornate.  It wasn’t until after two World Wars that there was a profound change in decorating styles.  By the 1950’s and 1960’s, the shift in the social culture was reflected in the simplistic interior style of homes.

Today, we find all decorative styles from the most elaborate layers of silk to simple curtain panels. With the advancement in the technology of windows, we have been given the freedom to explore and experiment with all types and styles of treatments.  Blinds and shutters are the most common and desirable coverings because they blend functionality with style.  You can control light and heat by simply tilting the shades. Honey comb shades are also energy efficient and can be ordered with the black-out interior for those who don’t like to rise with the sun.  The hottest trend today is the top down/bottom up shade.  They allow you to lower the shade from the top to provide both light and privacy.  You can also raise the shade from the bottom to enjoy beautiful views without obstruction.  Please don’t be afraid to add visual interest by mixing in texture, such as rattan or bamboo.  Woven shades can add a touch of masculinity without being too heavy.  Window coverings bring the entire room together, but can also make a statement about your style.  What will your treatments say about you?

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A great way to add color and interest to a room, without overwhelming the whole space with a single design, is to use listellos.  Listello is an Italian word for a narrow border or molding often made of stone, glass, or ceramic.  While similar to an accent tile, listellos are rectangular in shape and provide the timeless elegance of ornamental stonework.

The versatility of listellos allows them to be used in any room in the home so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Kitchen – adds character to a basic backsplash or integrated into the design of a hood vent.

Entry/stairs – create a majestic entrance using listellos to border a mosaic piece or as stair risers, drawing your eye to the second level.

Bath – spice up the functionality of tile in a bathroom using listellos in the flooring, as a wall cap, or in the shower.

Living room – inlaying listellos around the perimeter of a room creates a visual border while using them around a specific item, such as a fireplace or rug, will highlight that feature.

If you are challenged with a large multi-function room, listellos can be used to separate different areas and define the space.  Another great technique is using listellos where two different floorings join together.  This will provide a decorative and sophisticated transition from room to room.

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Kitchen/bath cabinet hardware

Does your kitchen or bath need a facelift? Or perhaps you just want to infuse your own sense of style into your new home.  Put the sledge hammer down, renovation plans to the side, and entertain the idea of updating or changing out the cabinet hardware.  Like a new coat of paint, cabinet hardware can give the room an entirely new look.  It is one of the most inexpensive updates you can do and it only takes a little time, elbow grease, and a screwdriver.

Besides using pulls on large drawers and cabinets door and knobs on smaller ones, consider the additional tips when choosing your new hardware.

Style – there is an infinite number of styles on the market today, from traditional and country to rustic, contemporary, and modern.  Using a variety of different knobs on the same section of cabinetry can also work as long as you stay true to the style of the room.

Finish – the finish is really a matter of personal preference and provides you the opportunity to let your own sense of style shine.  This is where you have creative control over the look of the room.  Whether you choose antique copper, brushed steel, aluminum, ceramic, chrome or wood, be sure the finish you choose is available in all the pieces of hardware you need -  knobs, pulls, back plates, and hinges.

Size – scale is important.  You don’t want the hardware to look too small or too big on the cabinetry, but you do want the hardware to fit your hands comfortably.  Fashion can meet function.

Screws/bolts – all hardware is not created equal.  Because drawers vary in thickness, you want to match the length of screws and bolts.  The easiest way to ensure a perfect match is to remove and measure an existing piece.  If drilling new holes is required, be sure to use a template for accuracy. We also recommend installing one sample before placing a full order to save you time and money.

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Primera expands into colorado

Cabinetry Showcase and Showcase Remodeling Are Now Part of PRIMERA

Denver, CO – Cabinetry Showcase Inc and Showcase Remodeling LLC, two market leading Denver based companies selling interior products to new home builders and residential remodeling customers and both owned by Jeff Collamore, are now part of Primera. Primera will continue to provide the same unsurpassed service to Cabinetry Showcase and Showcase Remodeling’s builders, commercial contractors, remodeler and retail customers by offering cabinetry, flooring, custom showers, granite countertops, window coverings products together with installation services that are second to none.

There are significant synergies between Primera and Jeff Collamore’s businesses. When commenting on this initiative, Jeff, who will serve as President of Primera’s Great Basin Region, said, “All the Primera businesses live by a culture of excellent customer service and are quickly increasing market share because of this and their financial strength. The last few years have changed our culture and required us to re-focus our market position strategy. By combining with Primera, we can continue achieving our goals, increase our regional strength through additional product offerings, benefit from a strong and growing parent, have the additional growth capital when we need it, and position ourselves as a full service design center that can service customers throughout Colorado. I feel very excited about joining Primera and energized by the opportunities this presents”

T.J. Wheeler, Chief Executive Officer of Primera, is equally enthusiastic. “We are very pleased that Mr. Collamore and his excellent team of service professionals are now part of Primera’s growing family and I look forward to working with Jeff as we expand our presence into Colorado. This initiative represents our entry into the Colorado market and from there into the Great Basin Region. It will allow us to better serve our regional customers and offer Mr. Collamore’s existing customers a wider array of related products backed by the same excellent customer service that Mr. Collamore has provided in the past. Colorado is well on the way to returning to a strong market and we look forward to the growth opportunities this offers, both for our company and for our customers.”

As two of Colorado’s top companies in their respective markets, Cabinetry Showcase and Showcase Remodeling have proven to excel through their turnkey customer service driven approach. Both companies are well respected trade partners in Colorado, with a passion for kitchen and bath cabinetry and home remodel renovation services.   Their commitment to outstanding service is the foundation for their solid reputations. Primera intends to continue this tradition of excellence.

Now serving customers in Phoenix, Tucson, and Prescott, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada, and Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, Primera is committed to being a market leader in the supply and installation of interior products to diverse groups of customers in the western USA. Primera’s web site can be visited at www.primerainteriors.com.

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