Does the climate affect your flooring?

Linoleum, tile, and bamboo oh my!  It is a jungle out there shopping for flooring, but it does not need to be scary.  Once you understand how sunlight, temperature, and humidity can affect the overall performance of your floor, making a decision will be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Humidity – Extreme changes in humidity can cause floor planks to shrink or swell so it is important to understand the relationship between water and wood.  Allowing the product to acclimate to the environment before installation will help avoid some of the shifting.  While carpet tends to perform well in all climates, too much moisture may also lead to mold or fungi growth in the carpet or pad.  Most tiles are an ideal choice because it is water and moisture resistant when installed and sealed properly.
  2. Sunlight – Some flooring types tends to change color after prolonged exposure to sunlight.  However, you do have alternatives such as solar screens and drapes to block the harmful rays or periodically rearranging the furniture to keep the floor an even tone.  High temperatures may also compromise the installation of concrete flooring.  If it dries too quickly, the concrete may not be as durable and loses it resistance to cracking.

Why not let a Primera consultant simplify the process to increase the longevity and performance of your flooring?  Whether you live in the jungle, desert or city, the trained professionals will match your climate, budget and lifestyle to receive the flooring of your dreams.

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How to pick the right backsplash

How to Pick the Right Backsplash

In the past, kitchen backsplashes were designed to protect your walls from elements such as water, grease or food, but today they do much more than that.  Who says function can’t meet fashion? Just as the right accessory can create a stylish outfit, the perfect tile can make your kitchen pop.  While it has become the perfect outlet of personal style and distinctive flare, picking the perfect backsplash may not be as easy as picking out a pair of shoes.  Try some of these design tips to save you time and money as you shop for your ideal look.

  • Color… Choose a color scheme for the backsplash that compliments the color and style of your cabinets or countertops.  Even though the backsplash is a small area, it is certainly a focal point.  Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color or design accent.
  • Material… With so many finish options, it is imperative to consider your lifestyle and determine the overall look you want to achieve.  Stone creates an old world feel, metal or stainless steel provides a sleek sexy look, while glass is a fresh popular accent. Granite is non-porous and easy to clean making it a perfect choice for the chef at heart.
  • Size… Generally speaking, small tiles work best in small kitchens and large tiles in large kitchens.  Backsplashes should not overpower the kitchen and conversely shouldn’t create a busy backdrop.
  • Grout… Match the grout color to the tile to create a solid finished surface.  Monochromatic grout will hide any imperfections while color with only highlight blemishes.
  • Samples… Order or ask for sample tiles to take home before you make your final decision.  This is the best way to determine how the material/color will look and feel in your space.

Your backsplash may be the ideal place to reflect your own personal taste and style without excessive cost or hassle.  Here’s your opportunity to use interesting texture, design pieces, or vibrant colors to create a custom looking kitchen without doing an entire facelift.  Whether or not you like to take risks, we at Primera Interiors can help you create a cook space that will be the centerpiece of your home.

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